WEC 49 Preview


Preview By: Eric Hostetter

Eddie Wineland 16-6-1 (7 (t)ko, 5 submission, 3 decision, 1 other)
Will Campuzano 7-1-0 (3 (t)ko, 2 submission, 1 decision)

Campuzano is facing off against a very experienced fighter (he is the former WEC bantamweight champion), and high level striker, Eddie Wineland. Look for Wineland to push the issue and test Campuzano with precision strikes. Campuzano won fight of the night honors in his last fight against, then 12-2, Coty “Ox” Wheeler by landing over 10 flying knees and showing a calmness that was beyond his age and experience level.

Eric’s Pick: Will Campuzano

Chris Horodecki 14-2-0 (7 (t)ko, 1 submission, 6 decision)
Dan Downes 6-0-0 (5 (t)ko, 1 decision)

This fight appears to me to be a low down dirty slug fest. However, I would look for Chris Horodecki to pepper this WEC newcomer with head and leg kicks followed by a succession of combination punches to overwhelm Dan Downes. There is only one way that this match is gonna end, and it is going to be by knockout.

Eric’s Pick: Chris Horodecki TKO Win

Josh Grispi 13-1-0 (6 (t)ko, 6 submission, 1 decision)
L.C. Davis 16-2-0 (5 (t)ko, 6 submission, 5 decision)

– Fight of the night potential –

This match of very talented balanced fighters, has the makings of an absolute war in the WEC cage. Both have very sound technical skills on the ground, have very adept stand up games, and both have a good foundation of experience coming into this bout. I am going to have to go with Davis in this match, his last 5 matches have gone the distance (he is 4-1 in this stretch), while his opponent, Grispi, has only gone into deep water once.

Eric’s Pick: L.C Davis TKO Win

Mark Hominick 17-8-0 (7 (t)ko, 7 submission, 3 decision)
Yves Jabouin 14-5-0 (11 (t)ko, 1 submission , 2 decision)

This match up, on paper, seems to be very similar to the fight Hominick had against Savant Young on the Affliction: Banned card. Look for Hominick to keep Yves Jabouin at bay with well placed and well timed jabs. However, if he strikes with his jabs and brings his hands down to his hips after striking, the Tiger will pounce on the opportunity with a looping counter punch to make Hominick think twice about letting his hands come down.

Eric’s Pick: Mark Hominick Decision Win

Main Event

Jamie Varner 16- 3-0 (2 NC) (5 (t)ko, 9 submission, 1 decision)
Kamal Shalorus 6-0-1 (4 (t)ko, 1 submission, 1 decision)

As much as I want to pick the Texas based fighter, Kamal Shalorus (who is an Olympic wrestler that enjoys swinging his punches wildly to setup a take down on his opponent), Jamie Varner is the more balanced and experienced fighter. Jamie has too many tools in his belt, including excellent stand up, very stout jujitsu and wrestling (though is wrestling doesn’t hold a candle to Shalorus’).  Varner appears ready to get the WEC Lightweight title back around his waist, but Shalorus stands in his way.

Kamal has a bright future, but a very limited window due to his age.  He is reported to be 32 years of age, but is believed to be older. One could say he is the Miguel Tejada of MMA.  For him to rise to the top of the lightweight division in the WEC, he’s going to have to do so quickly. I hope he learns a lot from this fight and is able to improve from it if he does end up being on the losing end.

Eric’s Pick: Jamie Varner TKO Win