King Of Kombat 10- Mass Destruction: Recap

Written By: AJ Hoffman

King of Kombat has long been considered one of the premier promotions in Central Texas, and KOK 10 proved just why. They really did a good job of mixing local fighters with some of the premier guys from around the rest of the state, and in some cases, the world. The main event pitted Gold Team’s Jorge “Macaco” Patino against TUF alum and former US Marine Cleburn Walker, with Macaco pulling off an early submission.

Besides having a ton of great action in the cage, there were some of MMA’s elite in the building. The Cyborg family was in attendance. Evangelista Santos cornered all 5 fighters from Macaco’s Gold Team. His wife Cris, the ladies Strikeforce Champion, took in the action from one of the VIP tables. Edwin Figueroa and Kamal Shalorus, two former King of Kombat Champions who now fight for the UFC, were also in attendance. They were all incredibly approachable and spent most of the night taking pictures with fans and signing autographs.

Here is a quick recap of the fights. Full play by play from the night can be seen HERE. I was the only guy from the site at the event, which means you got play by play instead of action photos. We are efforting some more pictures, but right now we just have a few. Most of them are of the Houston guys, but we are working on getting pics of everyone from the event. Please be patient on that end.


This was an interesting fight as both guys were looking for their first professional wins. It was made more interesting by the fact that they are teammates at Team Capital Punishment in Austin. They didn’t hesitate to go after each other though, and it was a quick and exciting fight. O’Neil transitioned from guillotine to armbar to triangle and was able to get the finish. Good movement on the ground and an impressive win for O’Neil.


This was the submission of the night. Scales came out swinging and landing from the opening bell, and took Rocha down quickly. Rocha scrambled and ended up with a leg and locked on a nasty heel hook that left Scales laying in the cage for several minutes being attended to by the doctors. Brutal finish for the Brazilian.


Both guys were making their pro debuts in this fight. Camacho was stronger on the feet throughout the fight, and Pozas couldn’t do much damage in the standup game. There was a huge size difference between the two fighters, and Camacho took advantage. Pozas, fighting out of Houston, tried for a heel hook early on and Camacho avoided the ground game for the rest of the fight. All the judges scored it 30-27 for Camacho.


Warren Stewart proved why a guy on a five fight losing streak and an upside down record is still able to get fights so regularly. He puts on a great show. This one might as well have been a one man show, because Ileiwi had little to answer Stewart’s striking and ground and pound. There were several times in the second and third rounds that the ref could have stopped the fight. Eventually Stewart locked up a crucifix and landed enough unanswered blows to finish the fight. He controlled the fight from start to finish.


This fight was over in 17 seconds, surpassing the Rocha-Scales fight for fastest finish of the night. Both guys came out swinging wildly and Roberts, an Oklahoma native, smashed King with a right hand that stumbled him. As King tried to stand back up Roberts crushed him with another right hook that dropped King and forced the ref to jump in and save King.


The battle of Houston fighters in Austin with Santibanez representing Gold Team and Rocky Long representing, well… Rocky Long MMA. This was a great fight with both guys landing a lot of punches and both scoring takedowns. The first two rounds were both really close, but in the third Santibanez began to overwhelm Long. Most of the last round was spent with Santibanez on his back trying to lock up a submission, which he finally did with under a minute to go, finishing via rear naked choke. The fight won our “Fight of the Night” award.


Another slugfest, and a close runner-up for Fight of the Night honors, both guys were more than open to standing and banging this one out. Momentum swung back and forth throughout the fight as each fighter landed their flurries. Both guys were cut, and both guys went down at times. Finally Sursa got Pappas’ arm stretched out and force a tap from the Houstonian. Sursa used his post fight speech to ask his girlfriend to marry him. She said yes and Sursa was, in the words of a great philosopher, “Bi-winning.”


This matchup, while slow at times, was a really great matchup of technical standup styles. Gonzalez got in and out quickly with short combos, and Mathias stayed at a safe distance and peppered Gonzalez periodically. Gonzalez pushed the pace while Mathias waited patiently for openings. Gonzalez narrowly ducked two vicious head kick attempts before scoring a brutal knockout against the cage late in the second round. Great fight and an impressive victory on the resume of Nick “The Ghost”.


A battle of two guys with pretty impressive resumes, with one representing Houston and one representing Dallas. Macaco missed with a few wild punches early on, but landed a big punch and immediately scored a takedown. Walker was able to fight his way out of the mount, but Macaco set up a neck crank/arm in choke from the side that he referred to as his “King Kong Choke”. Whatever you call it, Walker was forced to tap and Macaco proved that he still has plenty of tread on the tires. Walker was never able to get any offense going against the Gold Team patriarch.