Chad Robichaux Fighting A New Fight

Written By: AJ Hoffman

Chad Robichaux won’t be back in the cage anytime soon. Instead he will be assisting in the fight against PTSD, which affects countless veterans every day, including Robichaux himself. After multiple combat tours as a Marine, Robichaux has seen first hand the difficulties that soldiers returning from overseas can endure, and realized that there are a lot of veterans out there not getting the help they need to function in civilian society.

Chad will be walking away from his Gracie Barra schools here in Houston to head to move to Colorado, where he will work as part of a Christian ministry called the Mighty Oaks Foundation that assists veterans in readjusting to civilian life. The program essentially takes returning troops who are suffering from PTSD and puts them in an “unplugged” rural environment for 12 months where they will concentrate on honing the day to day skills that will get them through life outside the military, as well as bringing them the spiritual healing that is often required after doing the work of a soldier.

Robichaux will also be teaching his craft, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, to the veterans. The program is designed to give them the skills needed to find employment in the martial arts industry in hopes that they can one day pay it forward and make a difference in someone else’s life. Besides the physical skills, he also plans on teaching them the business side of things as well.

“We’re going to be using the Gracie-Barra franchise as a manual to teach them the business side of jiu-jitsu, how to run the gyms and all the marketing and different things like that,” Robichaux told

Chad can’t do this alone, and financial support is needed. Find out how you can help at

There will be a special benefit dinner Thursday night to help raise support for this cause.

Date: Thursday December 1, 2011

Silent Auction: 5:30-7:00. Dinner 7:00 PM

Location: WoodsEdge Community Church 25333 Gosling Road, Spring, TX

Cost: $25 per seat. $250 for reserved table of 8. $500 for sponsor VIP table of 8.

Guest Speakers Include: Lex McMahon, Toby Nunn, Steve Toth, Paul Schroeder and Chad Robichaux

Tickets: Call Kathy Robichaux at (936) 647-9015 or purchase online at

As a veteran myself, I believe this is a noble cause. We here at support Chad fully in this endeavor. Best of luck Chad!