Ring Card Girls From Legacy FC March 20, 2010

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Presenting the Legacy FC Hooters Ring Card Girls, brought to you by SSanceman.com.

(Below is just a small portion of what Danny has available.  For more Ring Card Girl and fighter pictures, head on over to SSanceman.com to view the rest and purchase some awesome prints)

LFC032010_RingCardGirls_01 LFC032010_RingCardGirls_02 LFC032010_RingCardGirls_03 LFC032010_RingCardGirls_04 LFC032010_RingCardGirls_05 LFC032010_RingCardGirls_06 LFC032010_RingCardGirls_07 LFC032010_RingCardGirls_08 LFC032010_RingCardGirls_09 LFC032010_RingCardGirls_10 LFC032010_RingCardGirls_11 LFC032010_RingCardGirls_12 LFC032010_RingCardGirls_13 LFC032010_RingCardGirls_14 LFC032010_RingCardGirls_15 LFC032010_RingCardGirls_16

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