Old People


Beating up old people should be illegal in MMA, sadly it’s still an accepted option for promotions to run out over the hill fighters to fill out a card and to sell a few extra tickets. This weekend Impact FC showcased as their main event Ken Shamrock vs Pedro Rizzo. Ten years ago this would have been a decent fight, but Saturday night’s fight was a sad reminder that once your skills have left you then you are just a punching bag able to take more blows than the average person.

Ken Shamrock has won two fights since 2002 and only four this decade.  One was against a dilapidated Kimo Leopold at UFC 48, and the other was against the recently deceased Ross Clifton who had lost 5 straight before his loss to Shamrock and whose body type resembled Earthquakefrom the WWF circa 1989, also Ken was busted for steroids after this fight.  During this time, Shamrock never got out of the first round. In fact, he had not been out of the first round since his 2002 fight with Tito Ortiz. Usually, he would be overwhelmed by the speed and power of his opponent.

No one wonders why Ken continually stepped into the cage as the answer was directly in our face, he needed the money. Ken and his managers made poor financial choices throughout his career, and today Ken is basically broke. I don’t have a problem with Ken’s desire to continue to fight. That is what a fighter is supposed to do. I have a problem with the continued booking of Ken by any promotion. Every promoter I have ever talked to has mentioned how much they care about the sport and about the fighters involved in it. If this is true, then why do I continually see fighters like Ken stepping back into the ring or cage to fight? I applaud Dana White for standing up against Chuck Liddell fighting again (for now), but I can’t see how he thought he had anything left after the Shogun fight.

I want to remember guys like Ken and Chuck when they were knocking people out and setting themselves apart from the rest of the MMA world. Sadly I am remembering more of Chuck looking up to the sky watching the birdies than him dropping bombs on people, and my son thinks Ken Shamrock is the guy Tito beat up three times. I beg you please stop the pummeling of the legends of our sport.