Weighing In On Weight Cutting

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Weighing In On Weight Cutting

Written by: Cody Phillips

Cutting water weight is the absolute worst thing ever conceived by wrestlers. Now all fighters adhere to this ridiculous act we have simply deemed “weight cutting.” Thank you for the pain and the extremely dangerous practice we all now follow. No legit medical doctor will say it’s suggested or intelligent.

Yet we do it to gain an advantage. Is it a fair advantage? It boils down to the biggest guy who masters the art of cutting the most. Brilliant I say (tongue in cheek of course). We have created another game inside of a game. Dropping as much water weight as you can, a balancing act on how much will be too much before crippling yourself.

Maybe this is the great equalizer.

Even with my disgust of cutting weight, I still want to hear from our local fighters and their weight cutting processes. It is after all a “weight cutting week.” Let’s start at the beginning of your weight cutting process. Insane days of pulling mechanical bikes into saunas and riding until the point of death while covered head to toe insauna suits. I thought football coaches were crazy for grabbing you by the face mask and jerking you around the field.  Nope, wrestling coach you win the “WTF” award.

Don’t hold back, if your techniques are disturbing then it makes for better reading. I want to hear from you.

That’s my rant.