The Road To The UFC

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The Road To The UFC

Written by: Lance Edwards

The aim of nearly every fighter is to eventually get to the hallowed land of the UFC, but what do you need to do to get there?
For fun I looked at upcoming UFC cards to see if there are some patterns.  Obviously I didn’t look too hard, but there were a few interesting points.  Having a background in research I couldn’t help but do a little number crunching though.
  • About 1/4 of fighters are TUF alumini
  • Most fighters have 2-3 win streak before starting with the UFC, foreign fighters tend to have longer streaks
  • On overseas cards there tend to be some local competitors (the recent uk card had more than a few)
  • US fighters tended to have fought for a variety of organizations, mainly in the midwest, northeast and California (there were no fighters who had fought in Texas for four fights leading up to joining the UFC)
  • Fighters tended to only have a maximum of 10% losses on their record before joining the UFC
  • Recent losses to current UFC fighters tended to be viewed less harshly on records it appeared
  • The best organization to have fought in before going to the UFC was Strikeforce (I looked at the 4 fights leading up to signing)
  • The best Brazilian organization to fight for before joining the UFC was Jungle Fights, and the best UK organization was Cage Warriors
  • One of the most frequent North American organizations to have fought in before signing to the UFC was King of the Cage, as well as the Canadian organization TKO
  • 40 fighters had fought in well over 60 different organizations leading up to joining the UFC, suggesting that fighters are not being chosen from a couple of specific organizations.
  • Lesnar and Velasquez had two of the smallest records before joining, Lesnar had his wwe experience, Velasquez his AKA connection Im assuming
  • Fighters who have been in the UFC longer tended to need smaller records to get in, obviously due to a larger potential talent pool
  • TUF competitiors tended to have far less fights than fighters who went straight to the UFC
Obviously this isnt the be all and end all and its from a limited sample and just for fun.