Lee Higgins – Balance (Part 2)

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Balance (Part 2)

Written by: Lee Higgins

Technically, I have been fighting my whole life, but that is another conversation.

I don’t have any answers, I only have my thoughts. Hopefully, they will help someone that maybe experiencing some similar things I am. Back to balance…

Balance is the key to anything I am learning. You need balance in all things, gym, life, work and family. I have a tendency to relate everything to fighting because it always seems to fit. I am told to “balance” my attacks in the cage, not be one dimensional. Don’t just throw punches, throw leg kicks, fake the shot, body shots, head kicks etc. The same goes for other aspects of your life. You can’t always be in the gym, can’t always be working, can’t always be with your girlfriend (even though she wants you there all the time). You have to balance or mix it up. I have been struggling with this for a long time, I am no where near perfect but I realize that all great fighters have this ability, to balance. I need to put as much work into this part of my training as I do shadow boxing, grappling, sparring and conditioning. I am working on this. I like every fighter plan on being the best, so please if your in a spot like me and you want to put all of yourself in fighting, or whatever it is you do, remember to balance to keep your sanity.

Lee Higgins

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