Lee Higgins – Balance (Part 1)

As we continue to expand the site, part of that expansion is providing local fighters with their own website for them to blog on and promote themselves.  Because they are part of TheCageDoor.net family of site, we will periodically promote some blog entries to the front page.  The sites are still in testing so there are plenty more to come, but here is our first ever “promotion”. Lee Higgins writes about the need for balance in ones life.  It’s a great first blog entry, so I hope you enjoy it.

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Balance (Part 1)

Written by: Lee Higgins

I don’t know about you but for me when I am given a task I go all out, 130% maybe more.  Someone tells me I am a good fighter, I believe them and I go for it without reservation, caution to the wind and I go. This hasn’t proven to be the best approach in the past because it has left me broke, broken hearted, and at times with a broken spirit.  I think a lot of people that pursue their “dream” or “passion” run into this very problem.  For me, I feel time is running out or this maybe  my last chance, only to be left realizing there are many more steps in my journey, testing me to see how far I will actually go to achieve it.

Often, I hear people say “your so lucky to be pursing what you love”.  Am I?… They say, “I would do anything to be where you are” I say to myself “Would you, would you really  do anything?”  Seriously, would they? Would they sleep in their truck because they would rather train than work? Would you train in sweaty gym clothes dried by the sun cause they don’t have a washing machine or the money to get them washed on a regular basis? Would they take their last bit of money to pay the gym fee before they pay their car insurance? All because, you have a talent and are trying to make it such a cut throat industry.

I question myself so many times about what I am doing.  It would be so EASY to just go to my job and work 50 hours a week and not train as much, but when I do that my heart is somewhere else.  My point is this, balance…I wasn’t smart enough to figure it out on my own.  In fact I have been struggling with it for two years.  Tony (Tony Torres Aponte, my trainer) has been telling me, forever it seems, that I need balance. This is a conversation easily heard, wicked hard to put into action, for me at least.  Maybe it is cause I feel so strong about what I want for my life, and that is to fight.

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