Too Be…Or What?

Arron Barringer

Like Stallone, in tights, on stage, reciting Hamlet. Sometimes I feel like a caricature. My last Blog was in January. I was going to make a joke about writing a quarterly blog, but now I have to make an embarrassing one about my semi-annual blog. I made two separate attempts to get back in the gym, each one resulting in injuries because of my own stupidity. When I was 30 I didn’t have to stretch, though I should have. Now, however, I’m 36 and I have to stretch whether I like it or not. Well, two injuries and five months later I’m finally getting back in the gym. In the meantime I’ve put down two full semesters of college, squared away four years of taxes, got my GI Bill coming on the regular and I’m staying consistent on my meds. I wouldn’t have been able to do any of that if I was not with a woman who loves me. We have been together over a year now. It is because of her love and support that I was patched into the Confederation of Leathernecks Motorcycle Club. The journey from Hang Around to Prospect to becoming a Patch was an amazing experience, and one I hope to write about, but that is another story for another time.

For the past month I’ve been getting to the gym three times a week, working on my JiuJitsu and getting my body ready to train again. Twice I had tried to dive in. Twice I had put myself back on the sidelines, watching from afar. Not this time. I’m taking it slow. When I roll, I gauge myself based on my partner. I’m not worried about getting tapped. I’m resurrecting the muscle memory I am going to need as I progress along my path to more fights. Too many people are in such a hurry, like I’m one to talk, to get back on the mat after an injury. I have to be disciplined about it.

It’s also pretty cool rolling without the cloud of depression that I had become so used to. My feel is better, even if my techniques are a little rusty. My goal is to completely revamp my game from the ground up. To do that I have to be willing to let go of everything I think I know. Gotta flow with the Go. Be like the nature of water… and stuff.

I’m going to be writing more regularly now that I have a “schedule”, and regular income. To those of you who continue to read my minuscule contribution: Thank you for your patience. Hopefully I’ll be seeing some of you around.

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