Motivation is an Interesting Beast

Arron Barringer

Motivation is an interesting beast.   We relish the perseverance we have when we have motivation, and flounder helplessly in its absence.   Just when we think we have things figured out, it will slip through our hands leaving us sitting on the couch groaning about going to work out.

Motivation, especially as it relates to emotion, is an amazingly involved sub genre within psychological studies. Every single living thing has motivation. Whether it is to breath, eat, mate (wink wink, ladies) or do Sudoku (which is way beyond me). Motivation, or the lack of it, will motivate two otherwise identical creatures in completely different ways. The will to live can be an amazing thing!

So what separates us from E. Coli?


Certainly.   When self-awareness and motivation collide, the end result is Emotion. Or at least I think it is.

Emotion is that bitter beast that closes the field as you’re rounding third just because you called her Leslie instead of Lisa. (I mean, really?!?!?) Emotion and Motivation are so closely intertwined that in many fields it is argued over where the line between the two are drawn; if, in fact, there is one. Top it off with the fact that motivations and emotions are in a natural, constant state of flux.

Very complicated, I know, but you have to trust me. There is NO WAY the Bad Man is going to leave you hanging. Motivation is constantly changing. Rather than question ourselves, we just need to adapt our way of thinking. Set goals. Emotion is trickier. Sometimes we just don’t feel like succeeding.

Well, that’s why we introduce the third side of our triangle, discipline.

When all else fails; discipline will win the day. It means getting past the emotion. Yea, it sucks. Deal with it, we have work to do.

Get your fat ass off the couch. Stop making excuses no one cares about anyway. Besides, the day you don’t want to train is the day you learn the most.

That, and chicks dig fighters.

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