I know a lot gets made of the fact that I am a Jackson fighter, and for good reason. Greg Jackson, and especially Chris Luttrell, have been mentors of mine. Not just within MMA, but as “older brother” type figures. The Jackson-Winklejohn team is, and always will be, my family.

However, I am blessed with dual citizenship. Sam Hoger has been a source of amazing knowledge and guidance to me. He has allowed me into his school and always been accepting of my experience. I have grown more in the year and a half I have been in his tutelage than I have in any other time in my life. I gain from him a skill set that is not available at Jackson’s.

I’m not from Texas, but I’m a Texan. I enlisted out of Dallas when I was eighteen, and even though I was born in Buffalo, New York (and I still talk like it sometimes) I graduated Allen High School and I say with pride that I belong to the only state in the Union allowed to fly their flag level with the Stars and Stripes. Houston kicked my ass my first two years here. However, it was the through all that crap that I was really able to grow. Now I love Houston, and I’m not leaving. I have an amazing woman ( and I am on a great team. Artenas Young is one of the most gifted fighters I have ever trained alongside. He has become not only my training partner, but one of my best friends. You WILL be seeing him. His name WILL be known. Mark my words. And he’s just the other “Pro”! Ola Siyanbola has just started making his mark in the ammys and will soon join the growing ranks of Pros in the pack. We haven’t even lifted the veil off of 205 pound fighter Ray Burgos. We can’t find anyone willing to fight him, so he hasn’t even made his amateur debut yet! We have a host of other amazing fighters and I could probably write a novel on how bad-ass they are.

So, while I know it’s cool that I train with and alongside some of the biggest names in the sport (and it’s fun hell to write about all that) I just wanted to make sure all my brothers, on both my teams, get the credit they deserve!

I am proud and honored to represent Jackson’s when I fight, but Houston is the home of the Hoger Wolfpack, and I am the Cobra Commander.

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