Diary of a Bad Man: The Introduction

Arron "Bad Man" Barringer

WooHoo! I have a blog! I must have really “made it”!! My name is Arron Barringer, and I go by the moniker “Bad Man”. I am originally from Buffalo, NY, but I graduated High School in a small town in northeastern Texas. I enlisted in the Army in 1994, where I was a paratrooper. After the Army, I was a civilian for a year and some change. It was during this time that I met Chris Luttrell, who is Greg Jackson’s first student. In the spring of 1999, Luttrell invited me to go to Albuquerque , NM to train with him and Greg Jackson. I lived in Greg’s dojo for the summer, sleeping on the blue Judo mat and training full time. It was an incredible experience and made Albuquerque my new home.

In 2000 I enlisted in the Marine Corps where I volunteered for the 1st Reconnaissance Battalion. I passed the screening and was sent to the Basic Reconnaissance Course. After completing BRC, I was assigned to Bravo Company, 1st Platoon (Mortalis One Zero) … after the invasion, and with my term complete, I became a police officer in Albuquerque. After a couple of years on the force, I decided to take a job with a private security company in Iraq.

Most of 2006 was spent providing protection to civilian contractors in Iraq. Fun times. After all that excitement I moved to Houston in order to pursue music and college. Somewhere along the way I woke up and realized I had become fat and depressed. This would not do, so I decided to re-dedicate myself to MMA.

Here I am.

Date: 10/27/2009

I love Albuquerque.

It is a Fighter’s city. They have daily MMA reports on all the major radio stations. You can see TapouT stickers all over. There are MMA schools everywhere now. Five thousand five hundred feet above sea level makes for awesome cardio. I am a very fortunate fighter. I belong to two awesome schools! Team Hoger, coached by Ultimate Fighter vet Sam Hoger, and Greg Jackson’s. I’ve got a lot of stress and drama at home (don’t we all these days?) and Albuquerque is where I can go to focus completely on my fighting. Four months ago I weighed 195lbs. Today I am 160. I got back in the gym. It felt good to be around so many elite level professional fighters.

Keith Jardine is working out near the pull up bars. Cowboy and Joey Villasenor are sparring a little, and Brian Stann (A former Marine Corps Captain with a Silver Star for combat gallantry) is working with old school fighter Kyle Seal. James McSweeny is running the kickboxing class. Not that I can understand what the heck he’s saying.

I dress out quickly.

An outstanding kickboxer named Robby is in from Long Island and needs a partner. He is 5’11” and walks around at 175… hmm… my next opponent is Kenny Burke. He just happens to be 5’11”… and walks around at around 175… and is alleged to be a kickboxer.

Cool. we start by doing some outstanding drills. Jab, right kick, block the jab, block the kick… repeat. My partner and I are training harder than anyone else in the class. He wants more intensity. The kid kicks like four mules. Now its Jab, liver hook, uppercut, teep… repeat. McSweeny is yelling at the class but with his accent and mouthpiece… fuggetaboutit.

Ok, I see what everyone else is doing and we’re off at the races.

Class is over.

Chris Luttrell has us form two lines (there are a good 36 students… some decorated pros, some beginners) now, Luttrell has both lines get into the front leaning rest (pushup position) we are paired off. Now it’s Rock paper Scissors time!

First pair throw down… one two three… my team picks “rock” they pick “scissor”… we win… the other team does two pushups. Now it’s my turn. I throw down scissors… my counterpart throws down paper. They get four pushups. It continues on down the line. Fun times!After class, we do some light sparring. Apparently “light” to Robby means trying to put me in a coma. I survive. Barely. After some more drilling and conditioning, I am off until 5 (it’s about noon by now) I grab some lunch and nap.

Five o’clock and I am working with Joey Villasenor on escaping omaplata’s and the crucifix. When I say “working” I mean I am franticly trying to keep The Dream Smasher from ripping my limbs off my body. I succeed. Barely.

Now it’s time for cage work with Logan Sims. It goes well, I am feeling more comfortable on the cage. Heather Clark (www.heatherjoclark.com) takes a break from her training and shoots a few pics for The Cage Door.net.

More training. I spar a little with Logan, Conrad and Robby. I’m doing well, but the altitude is killing me! No worries. Drive on. Complete the mission!

That’s the end of the day. I go home to a Marine Corps buddy’s place. His super awesome wife has baked salmon. Mmmmm Salmon. He puts his wee ones to bed and we talk fighting for a bit. Then it’s off to bed to write a blog!

There will be a lot more coming up, so stay tuned!

Barringer out!

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