Happy Hour

When you hear that phrase, Happy Hour, what do you think of? Probably some half priced appetizers and some drink specials, right? That’s the common theme for a happy hour. Typically attended by your average Houstonian who is just getting off work and meeting some buddies for a few beers and some deep fried, greasy goodness. I know that’s what I think of, and it sounds great! You take just about anything and throw it in a batter, fry it up, toss some ranch on the side, and I’d be pretty excited about scarfing it down. And then I get wash it down with a half-priced beer? Sign me up!

The problem is for me, and I’m sure most of you who read this, we don’t get to go to that happy hour. I’m thinking back now, and in the 4 years that I have lived in Houston, I can’t think of one true Happy Hour that I have been to with my friends or co-workers. It really never even occurred to me that I COULD go to Happy Hour.

I’d finish work, head home, sometimes barely keeping my eyes open, and take some supplements to give me a little mental boost for the assault of punches, kicks, take-downs and submissions that are about to be thrown my way. This was it. Day in, day out. Sure I’ll catch a beer on the weekend sometimes, and Lord knows that when I don’t have a fight, the all you can eat buffet is sad to see me walk in the door. Because they’re losing money on what I’m about to wolf down.

But never during the week, and not during the 8 weeks before a fight. This is not the time for that. There is no slice of what your average person gets to enjoy. No drinking with friends to laugh off the stress of the work week. It’s only strictly measured portions of healthy foods that leave much to be desired when I see the bombardment of pizza and burger commercials on the TV. Nope not for me. Not today. I am going to my own Happy Hour today. Where all of those weekly frustrations are forgotten. The place where everybody knows your name, and they’re always glad you came. That is no bar named Cheers and certainly no restaurant.

Its the place where people get punched, kicked, knee’d, taken down, and submitted, all of their own free will. Where all the sacrifices become gladly worth it, and all of your stress disappears. My Happy Hour is training at Paradigm, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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