Daring Greatly: What’s Next?

Written By: Brian Melancon

Back by Popular Demand…Kind Of

Well after some time away from my blog and the main page, here we are again. The blog is back by popular demand, or at least moderate interest, whichever the case may be. Many people have been asking me, “What’s next for you? What are you planning for your next fight?” My answer? “I have a few things coming up. Just waiting for the details.” I wanted to get back at it relatively quickly, but I took a little time off to enjoy things for a bit. Just to take it all in and more importantly to work a little more and save up some money. This training all the time is killing my savings account!haha.

What’s next?

But now I am focused on once again taking on the best challenge I can find. A fight was announced but ultimately fell through. I have a new announcement. I will be traveling to jolly ole England on May 28th to take on Ultimate Fighter alum, Dean Amassinger. My manager at KO Dynasty sent me the info, and we are just waiting on one detail to be finalized and it will be official. They have the fight as 3x3min rds. I’m not flying all the way to London to fight 3×3’s. So I requested 3x5min rds. I’m sure they will agree, but I am just waiting on that to happen. The funny thing is May 28th is my birthday. Kinda funny how that turned out. Also I will not have a corner coming with me. Josh Neer will be on the card as the main event, and we have the same mangaer so I might be able to have one of his guys corner me. Not an easy task by any means, but like I always say, I’m here for the challenge.

I was told just last week, that after facing guys of the caliber of my last few opponents, I should go ahead and take some easy fights and pad my record. I thought about that for a bit. Would that be a good business decision? Sure, probably would. Add some wins and crush a few cans. Looks good on paper and is good for business. But I’m not a business man.

I’ll be blogging once again for thecagedoor.net from time to time, and who knows, I might be breaking some other news in the not-so distant future. Stay tuned.

Make sure you visit my official website when you can – http://www.thecagedoor.net/brianmelancon. It’s going to be updated soon with a lot of content and info, including my fight videos!

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