Daring Greatly: The Toughest Part is Yet to Come

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All the work and training are pretty much done. One week left until the event, but the hardest part is yet to come…..making weight. Many fighters cut large amounts of weight and they will tell you that this is the worst aspect of fighting. The extreme diet and sweating out the excess water is enough to make you question whether or not you want to keep cutting weight. I get asked all the time why I cut so much weight. My answer is always the same, it gives me my best chance to get to my final goal… the UFC. When skill levels are equal, the bigger stronger guy will usually win. The guys at 170 at the top level of the sport are tall with great reach, height, and likely cut from 200+lbs. At 5’8″, objectively speaking, I just feel that it puts me at a disadvantage. My best chance is at 155. No matter how hard it is to get there.

My coach told me a long time ago that I need to go down to 155lbs. I told him he was CRAZY at the time. I thought there was no way for me to get there, but eventually I did just that. It has gotten much tougher lately due to some time off last year from injuries, but I have been as strict as possible and focused on everything coming together for this fight. It is going to be a tough week, but these are just some of the sacrifices that you must go through in order to reach your dreams.

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