Up and Running!

As the technical guy in this operation (and the best looking one…), I’m glad the site is finally up and running, but keep in mind the site is still in BETA, so we are working out some bugs.

Rich and I are working hard to get the type of content you want to see.  Who’s you?  Fighters, fight fans, gym owners, promoters, coaches, trainers, and anyone who is a part of the Houston MMA scene.

Our vision for this site is to make it THE place to go when you want to catch up on the latest Houston MMA news, get information about local fights, or anything else related to the H-town MMA scene.

We are working on interviews, contributors, stories and other relevant information, so hang with us.

In the coming weeks and months, I’ll be blogging about the things we are doing behind the scenes on the site.   For example, we just stood up our Forum.  I’m really excited about this.  I’ve used this forum (SMF) at other sites, so I think you’ll like it.  It has a tone of feature that I’ll go into detail on in a later article (or post on the forum for that matter)
Thanks for stopping by, we really do appreciate you being here.

Barry - Co-Owner