UFC 136 Fan Expo Photos: Day 1

Written By: Barry Laminack

MMA fans flocked to the George R Brown on Friday October 7, 2011 for the UFC Fan Expo. Fans waited in long lines for the opportunity to get their favorite fighters autographs or take a picture with them. There where lots of Q&A sessions with many UFC personalities as well as tons of activities to see and do at many of the booths.

There were also some great deals to be had on some of your favorite merchandise. Shirts I’ve seen for sale on the web (or at the mall) for $45 were on sale for $20 at the expo (yes, yours truly got in on the savings).

Grapplers Quest had a decent turn out, but many commented that the price to compete seemed to keep most people away. I talked to several grapplers who said the brackets moved quickly and it was very well run.

I ran into so many of our local MMA family and it was great to see everyone! Many of us from TheCageDoor.net will be back out there again today, so look for us; and if you see us, come up and say hello!

Just an FYI that the lines for autographs are LONG! You really want to plan your day out so you don’t miss anything that is important to you. The best way to do that is to download our UFC 136 Fan Survival Guide. At the end of it is a day planner that you can use to schedule out the things you want to do. Make sure you put a copy on your phone or print it out and bring it with you, you’ll thanks us later!

I spent most of the day as fan, but I wanted to share a few pictures I took as well.