Seeing Double?

The following is an editorial blog by Barry Laminack

If you have read the latest issue of Undefeated Magazine and the Chad Robo interview, you might have thought you were having a moment of déjà vu.   Yes, that’s pretty much our interview word for word.  To their credit, they did move things around a little, and they added a few sentences.  Oh, and they changed the fact that was asking the questions, instead making it look like Undefeated was asking them.

Our site was not given proper (or ANY) credit in the magazine for being the originators of the interview, just my name was used, but that doesn’t really help us, now does it .  Hell, they didn’t even list me under the “Contributing Writers” section, they put me under “Special Thanks”.  Also, it doesn’t repay us for the hard work we put into getting and posting that interview.  Conducting and publishing interviews isn’t as easy as you would think.  Heck, maybe that’s why they did what they did. It probably saved them a ton of time.

The worst part is that I was asked (by them) to write their cover story on Robo for them, and I refused because I was too busy focusing on getting our site up, running and off the ground.  I agreed that they could use A COUPLE OF QUOTES from the interview, provided they credit the website in the interview.  Apparently, none of that mattered.

Maybe next month they will print a retraction or an update, giving us the credit we deserve, and if they do, I’ll take this blog post down. But until then (and since they wouldn’t tell you who really did the majority of that interview), this will stay on the top of our site where the 8,000+ people who visit us in November will have a chance to see it.


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