One Scene, One Goal…REACHED!


I just wanted to update everyone on our Houston MMA – One Scene, One Goal race for the cure team progress.

The last couple of weeks have been amazing and once again the Houston MMA community has stepped up in a BIG way.  However, we still have time left to raise more money, so I know we can do even better!

Our goal was to raise $750, but I think I underestimated you guys.

Why? Because we’ve already raised $1,055!!!

Amazing, but let’s not stop there.  Let’s see if we can raise $1500! That’s only $445 more dollars. If every person that reads this donates $1, we could raise that in LESS THAN ONE DAY!

C’mon Houston, we can do this!

Quick Info

I’ve had a few questions about the day of the race so here are the details:

Date: October 2nd

Time: 8:30 am (the race STARTS at 8:30 so get there early!)

Deadline: YOU MUST BE REGISTERD ONLINE BY SEPT. 26 if you want to run/walk with the Houston MMA team!

In order to recieve a shirt with our “One Scene, One Goal” logo on it, you must be registered by Sept 26th

To join the race team and/or to help us raise money, go here and sign up:

* Please note that joining the team is NOT donating. It just means that you plan on running with us.  I bring this up because Artenas wasn’t given full credit for his families donations as they singed up rather than choosing to donate to him. Sorry for the confusion, that’s my fault!

Race Team

Here is our race team as of today and the amount they have raised thus far.


Alex Black $50.00

Artenas young $20.00 (*should be $120 – see above)

Arturo Garcia $0.00

Ashley Dolhonde $60.00

Barry Laminack $125.00

Greg Bellomy $300.00

James Markle $75.00

Keira Markle $25.00

Kimberly Even $175.00

Mark young $0.00

Mike Calimbas $75.00

Mike Jackson $0.00

Raven Lawrence $0.00

Stephan Garcia $0.00

We have also received team donations totaling $150.00! To donate to the team, please follow this link:


A special thank you to all those that have donated:

Amy Summerlin-Collier

Andrea Young

Brian Melancon


BONA Foundation

Davidson & Coco

Donna Cockrum

E. Lee

Geoff Leach


Jill Dolhonde/James McCoy

Jim Even

Joseph Murray

Lois Black

Mr. Artenas J Young II

Mr. Truman L Laminack Jr.

Roger & Mary Lou Allen

Greg Bellamy’s Sponsors

Steve & Alicia Tavis


Please join me in thanking our partners and sponsors for this event:

Nine Dragons Martial Arts – Arturo Garcia is co-sponsoring our team T-Shirts! Nine Dragons Martial Arts is a long time supporter of Houston MMA and For the best in MMA and Muay Thai gear and apparel, visit FREE SHIPPING IN HOUSTON!

Calliopes Poboy – Lisa Carnley has offered 20% off to ANY of her customers who joins the team and participates! Lisa (and Calliopes Poboy) have also been very supportive in our other community events, including supplying us with all the bread we needed in our Feed the Homeless initiative! Calliopes is located at 2130 Jefferson Street, Houston, TX 77003!