One Scene, One Goal 2011: We did it again!

Written By: Barry Laminack

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so we couldn’t let the month come to a close with out sharing with you our experiences i fundraising for this years Susan G Komen Race for the Cure 5k Run/Walk in Downtown Houston on October 1st.

2011 marked the second year in a row that has formed a Houston MMA race/fundraising team. Last year we raised $1,455 – well over or initial goal of $750. This year we wanted to aim even higher, so we set our team goal at $2000.

More on that in a minute…


This year we teamed up with ProFormance Mouth Guards and Nine Dragons Martial Arts, forming a Houston MMA power team!

Arturo Garcia (Nine Dragons Martial Arts) was once again leading the charge and was one of the first people to step up and join the team as a sponsor and participant. As a co-sponsor, he not only split the cost of our kick ass team shirts, but he also helped out logistically as well as with raising money.

Not to be outdone and in and effort to try and raise as much money as they possibly could, the guys over at ProFormance gave away FIVE FREE MOUTH GUARDS to the first 5 people that donated at least $100!

We (TCD) also had a contest. We said we would give away autographed UFC glove signed by current UFC Heavyweight Champion Cain Velazquez. The way our contest worked was for every $10 that a person raised they got a ticket. We put all of the tickets into a hat a drew a name and that name would be the winner (TCD, ProFormance and employees excluded).

And the winner is…

Congratulations to Paul Cruz for winning the autographed glove and THANK YOU for helping making a difference in our community.

Thank You!

A fund raiser isn’t a fund raiser unles you have somebody actually donating some funds…and donate you did!

The highest singel person TEAM donation came from StrikeForce vetaran fighter BRIAN MELANCON (Paradigm). Brian stepped up again big this year (like he did last year) and donated an eye popping $250.00!

The team also received donations from:

Eric Hostetter ($25.00)
Barry Laminack ($100.00)
Nora Laminack ($100.00)
Marcia Ogasawara ($100.00)
Cody Phillips ($25.00)
Thomas Schmal ($75.00)
Brett Boyce (Made To Win) ($100.00)

Unfortunately I can not see individual team members donation lists, so I have no way of recognizing the generous donations that went toward the team goal on behalf of our team members.

However, I do have acces to MY list 🙂 so I would like to thank the following friends of mine (and family) for helping me try to reach my personal fundraising goal of $250.

Truman Laminack
Brett Boyce
Timothy Mitchell
Amy Sumerlin-Collier
Jenny Williams

I came up a little short this year, but with more time and effort I plan to hit $350 in 2012!

I also want to say thank you to Lisa and her crew over at Calliope’s Po Boy. Lisa has ALWAYS done what ever should could to help out TCD and Houston MMA when we have an event. This time was no different. Unfortunately Lisa couldn’t participate on the team this year because she was out of town, but she still went above and beyond by trusting me with a set of keys to her business (along with a custom alarm code) so that we all had a place to meet before the race to change and organize! If you like Po Boys, or you find yourself near downtown and you’re hungry, do yourself a favor and swing by 2130 Jefferson Street. Ask for Lisa and while you’re there tell her thank you for continuing to support our MMA scene!

Oh, and try the shrimp po-boy, TRUST ME!

Until Next Year

I know I can speak for everyone here at, ProFormance Mouth Guards and when I say that we are proud and honored to be a part of such a wonderful MMA scene full of wonderful, kind and generous people.

We would like to thank all of you who joined the team. Some of you joined with the goal of raising money and walking, some of you joined simply to help us raise money and still more of you joined just to show your support.

What ever the reason, THANK YOU!

Our Houston MMA Team

Angela Ramirez, Arturo Garcia, Ashley Murray, Barry Laminack, Cambridge Dayn-Ryan, Daniel Rodriguez, Drew Ratichek, Esmeralda Rodriguez, Holly Gonzales, Jaime Hill, Jobeth Anderson, John Murray, John Rodriguez, Layne Perry, Marcia Ogasawara, Michael Burton, Mike Jackson, Nancy Lucio, Nora Laminack, Patric Perez, Paul Cruz, Rey Garza, Samantha Sanchez, Sean Fitzmaurice, Selina San Miguel, Susan Murray, Thomas Mancha, Veronica Rodriguez

And now for the moment you’ve been waiting for. I am happy to announce that this years Houston MMA Race for the Cure team raised a grand total of :



2011 Sponsors: ProFormance Mouth GuardsNine Dragons Martial Arts |Calliope’s Po Boy