Houston Muay Thai Council to hold first Meeting

Written By: Barry Laminack

As the Houston MMA scene continues to grow and evolve, new and exciting things continue to manifest themselves.  Enter the Houston Muay Thai Council.

It all started with a thread that was created in our forums by our Sr. Writer, Lance Edwards.  The thread topic was about the lack of local Muay Thai (and kickboxing) fights and the discussion quickly evolved to include the lack of  community involvement and general lack of organization that seems to plague the Houston Muay Thai scene.  One thing lead to another and the idea for a Houston Muay Thai council/organization was born.

In an effort to keep thing as neutral as possible (read: non gym specific) I volunteered to organize and host the first meeting of the Houston Muay Thia Council.  The goal of the council is to help promote and grow the local Muay Thai scene.

In short, the council will be a democratic organization where everything decided is done so via vote. I’ll have some basic concepts and a skeleton design for how it should be run, but the majority of the details will be decided by those who choose to participate.

So, how can YOU get involved? Show up to our first meeting at Calliope’s Po-Boy on Feb. 20, 2011 at 5:30pm and help us create something that is going to take the Houston Mauy Thai scene to the next level.

The details are below.

PLEASE RSVP via Facebook HERE (or email me at barry@thecagedoor.net and I’ll add you to the guest list).