Product Review: Life Brand Outfitters BJJ Life Belt

Life Brand Outfitters: BJJ Life Belt

Reviewed By: Conor Hogan
October 21, 2011

Disclosure: This product was a review comp from Life Brand Outfitters.

For most BJJ fanatics, jiu jitsu becomes more than just a sport.  It is an all-encompassing lifestyle.  They eat, sleep, breathe, (poop?) jiu jitsu twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. As a result, a lot of companies have started to produce items that allow the jiu jitsuka to represent their passion off the mat in a variety of different ways.  Several different pieces of jiu jitsu related apparel has been released in the past year, but a lot of them feature questionable designs and clichéd concepts.  One of the more unique items to hit the market is the BJJ Life Belt. Is it a quality addition to your wardrobe, or is it more tacky than tasteful?

Features We’re talking about an accessory here. There’s not a lot of features to talk about.  However, it IS made out of a real jiu jitsu belt, and features some pretty solid D-rings that hold the belt tight against your waist.  While it is admirable that Life Brand used a real jiu jitsu belt in the production of this product, I can’t help but wonder why they didn’t pare down the width a bit.  I own all kinds of jeans and shorts with belt loops, and I only found one pair (out of dozens) that the belt fit through the loops comfortably.  Nearly all of the other pairs of pants required that I force the belt through each individual loop.  It extended the process past something that was convenient, to me not giving a crap if my pants fell down or not.[rating:2.0] 2 Stars


Quality I was actually really impressed with the build quality of the BJJ Life Belt.  The thing is amazingly durable, and built to last through the toughest lifestyles.  I could seriously tow my car with this thing if I ever needed to.  It looks great once you get it around your waist.  The colors are all vibrant, and the black bar to add your ranking stripes are a nice addition. The problem with most D-ring belts is that a) they fray at the edges like crazy and b) the D-rings are super pliable, and end up getting bent out of shape after a couple of uses.  The BJJ Life belt doesn’t run into either of these problems though.  This is really where using the real jiu jitsu belt helped.  You can tell that no matter how many times you tighten the belt through the rings, that fraying shouldn’t ever be an issue.  I also tugged on the D-rings a bit to test their durability, and they are definitely are just as durable as the belt.[rating:4.5] 4.5 Stars


Value Value for an accessory like this is hard to determine, because it solely depends on how well the product fits your aesthetic tastes.  Accessories really serve no purpose other than making you look good.  So when I saw the $29.99 price for the BJJ Life Belt, I couldn’t help but cringe.  This is partially because the aesthetic really doesn’t fit my (blue belt) sensibilities.  I  just couldn’t imagine myself paying 30 bucks for something that exclaims that I’m a novice at BJJ.  Especially when I don’t even pay 30 dollars for the dress belts that I wear to work. If I was black belt, I think that I’d be more inclined to purchase this.  Only because it would then become a statement of what I’ve achieved, and not what I’m trying to achieve. To each his own though.  I’d much rather wear something that was a bit more subtle.[rating:2.0] 2 Stars


When it comes to accessories and apparel, everyone is going to have their own opinions.  Unlike the striking gear and BJJ kimonos that we wear to fulfill a specific functional need in our sports, these wardrobe items tend to reflect personal taste rather than function.  That isn’t to say that the BJJ Life Belt isn’t a great product.  If it is something that appeals to you, I would certainly suggest buying one.  The quality is second to none, and it’s way more durable than any D-ring belt that you’ll ever find in the commercial marketplace. However, I just don’t see myself wearing one of these unless I was a black belt.  I prefer the more subtle approach that companies like BeltPride have taken with their Wristlock bracelets.  At 30 dollars, I’d rather just wear my actual blue belt, and save the 30 bucks to pay for a private BJJ lesson.

  • Rugged construction with solid D-rings.
  • Vibrant color
  • Too big to fit into most of my belt loops.
  • Too outlandish (tacky) for some peoples’ tastes
  • 30 bucks for a belt? Unless this thing is holding up my Dockers, no thanks.

Overall [rating:2.5] 2.5 Stars