Product Review: Jaco Resurgence Shorts

Jaco Resurgence Shorts Review

Reviewed By: Cody Phillips
July 20, 2011

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The purpose of this review is to dig into the growing popularity of Jaco MMA shorts. We have chosen the Jaco Resurgence Fight Shorts, they are the most widely used pair of shorts in the Jaco line for fighters. The most common problem you will find with fight shorts is tearing. The constant pulling and tugging eventually wears down the threads binding the material together. I wore them through a long training camp in preparation for an MMA fight. Here’s what I found…

Features (From

The Resurgence Fight Shorts are the most technical fight shorts that have ever been contemplated for MMA. The shorts have a clean, inspiring look; yet, are designed to withstand the rigors of MMA competition and training.

Ultra-durable STR-X™ fabric developed to provide the technical needs that are essential in MMA: durability, exceptional 4-way stretch, breathability, moisture wicking and comfort

Patent-pending compression waist-tightening system that can be tightened without creating “scrunching or cinching” around the waist while providing a comfortable, no-slip fit

Internal stretch pocket located at the bottom of the short allows for easy access to your mouth guard without having to un-tie the shorts.

Fly backing panel construction to prevent rubbing and chafing from the flys hook and loop material

90% Polyester, 10% Spandex

[rating:4] 4 Stars

Quality Once you pull the Jaco Resurgence shorts out of the bag you will feel a difference in the material from other fight shorts.  They are built with a stretchy material (90% Polyester and 10% Spandex).  Reinforced stitching line the material from the leg to the waist areas.

They have Velcro lock-down concept in the front waist and crouch area, comfortable but a little bulky.  Making up for this is a snug but relax fit of the waistband.  Most fighter/surfer shorts are extremely tight in the waist area creating “muffin top” for some of us on fight night, NOT COOL.  Jaco created a “compression waist-tightening system” that can be tightened without creating a cinched look around the waist. It works by weaving the draw string of the shorts in and out of the inner lining allowing the waistband to tighten on the inside, preventing the outside from looking bunched.

Also lining the inside of the waistband is a very thin rubbery like embossment of words and symbols.  Cool concept but it makes the short wrinkle and bunch up against the skin / underwear making them difficult to slide on.  This is extremely annoying.  When you have 4oz gloves on and you are switching out shorts in the middle of training, this sucks.  On the other hand, the embossment does prevent the short from riding into your bellybutton when you are bent over or squatting. So there is a pro and a con to the embossed waistband.

Remember, the entire short is made of stretchy materials.  I have had them pulled and yanked and the Jaco Resurgence Short have not torn at all, nor have I ever heard a thread pop.

When you want to wash the shorts you can throw them in with the rest of you laundry with no worries.  These shorts wash easy and dry extremely fast due to the spandex/polyester material.  They don’t shrink so throw them in the dryer with rest of your fight gear.

[rating:4] 4 Stars

Value These shorts are going to cost you $60 no matter were you shop for them.  This is the higher end of the price range for MMA fight shorts.  I consider these shorts to be pricey, but they are extremely durable, so the longer they last the easier the price is to justify.  They have held up very well through a rigorous training camps and an MMA fight.  They look and feel the same way they did when they were new.  The value is there but I wouldn’t run out and buy 5 pairs of them, too costly at that point.

[rating:4] 4 Stars


These shorts are very comfortable in the waist and leg area.  The polyester/spandex material allow for the shorts to be pulled but doesn’t tear, allowing the fighter to not have his fight short pulled off when training.  I don’t like the embossment on the interior lining but it allows for extra grip along the waist (I can do with out it).  The Jaco Resurgence Shorts are easy to wash and dry, so I consider them low maintenance. I have put these shorts through the ringer and they haven’t failed me.  They look as good today as they did when I first got them.  Don’t go out and buy 5 pairs, you are going to spend some coin.  It would be great to have a pair or two in your bag.  The Jaco Resurgences Shorts come with a guarantee performance.  Jaco promises every product, and customer service, will exceed you expectations.

  • Durability
  • Material is extremely low maintenance-easy to wash and dry
  • Stretchiness with 90% Polyester and 10% Spandex
  • Cost $60
  • Embossment on interior lining
  • Cannot find any discounts on these shorts

Overall [rating:4] 4 Stars