Product Review: Hayabusa Pro Shin-Instep Guards

Hayabusa Pro Shin-Instep Guards

Reviewed By: Cody Phillips
November 8, 2011


At, we strive to provide the equipment and apparel reviews in the MMA/BJJ industry.  From time to time, a miscommunication or oversight will affect the quality and content of our reviews.  As it is our sole intent to never mislead anyone with information that may be inaccurate or misleading, we have decided to pull this review for revision.  We incorrectly assumed that the shin guards that Hayabusa sent us were intended for striking purposes (like the rest of the gear that they sent us to review), but in reality, they were intended for grappling use.  We will conduct a separate review process with these new parameters, and produce a review that properly reflects the product’s intended use. apologizes for any confusion, and we’ll strive to avoid these types of oversights in the future.


Thank you,

Conor Hogan – Review Editor

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