Product Review: Hayabusa Pro MMA Gloves

Hayabusa Pro MMA Gloves

Reviewed By: AJ Hoffman
November 7, 2011

Disclosure: This item was a review comp from Hayabusa.

One of the pieces of gear I have had the most trouble with are 4 oz. gloves. To be fair, part of it could be due to my build. I have long, thin fingers and pretty thin wrists, but I have XL hands. The Fairtex brand gloves I have been using fit my hands, but are loose around the wrist and fingers. When I got the Hayabusa gloves I was instantly impressed with the system that tightens up around the wrist with two separate straps. Overall, I was impressed with the gloves for several reasons.

Features (From

  • Exclusive Y-shape volar design to keep gloves tight to the palm whether fists are clenched or when hands are open.
  • Dual cross directional strap system for ultimate wrist support and striking performance.
  • 4oz. regulation weight, professional MMA gloves.

[rating:5] 5 Stars

Quality The quality of these gloves is second to none. I have tried a few pairs of 4 oz. gloves, and these are by far the best built and arguably the most comfortable.They provide a great fit and a solid padding for the hand. The dual wrist strap system is great for two reasons. For one, it allows you to glove up without any assistance. My old gloves I really needed someone to pull them down while I strapped them on, but with the two strap system, it is a one man job.The second perk is a SNUG fit around the wrist. There is no slipping whatsoever. The gloves stay in place really well. Only once in the 5 or 6 (hour long) sessions I have worked with them have I even had to adjust a strap.The fingers are snug, which is nice, but is also slightly uncomfortable for the first couple of uses. The stitching, which appears to be a pretty high quality, dig on your fingers a little. This went away after a few wears. I also had a lot more use of my fingers when grappling than I did in my other gloves. The glove fingers all move really nicely with your fingers.
[rating:5] 5 Stars

Value Currently at these gloves are going for $64.99. That puts them definitely closer to the upper end than the lower end of the price spectrum. Of course, as the old saying goes, you get what you pay for. I think that is something to keep in mind with these gloves. You could probably get a decent pair for $10-15 less, but if I was someone who trained every day with small gloves, these would be the kind of gloves I would want in my bag.
[rating:4] 4 Stars


As someone who has struggled to find a good pair of 4 oz. gloves, I am definitely pleased with this pair. The quality is there, and they are incredibly comfortable. I give these gloves a glowing recommendation.

  • Durable feel, good stitching. Feels like it will last me a while.
  • Great fit on all parts of the hand and wrist.
  • Equally good for grappling and striking.
  • Every other pair of gloves I have tried have seemed geared more toward one or the other.
  • A little on the expensive side
  • Stitching is irritating the first few uses.

Overall [rating: 4.5] 4.5 Stars

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