Product Review: Hayabusa Ashi Foot Grips

Hayabusa Ashi Foot Grips

Reviewed By: Steve Garcia
November 24, 2011

Disclosure: Steve Garcia was the winner of our Hayabusa Week Review Competition.  His review won him a pair of Hayabusa Kanpeki Elite MMA Gloves!  Steve’s review is of a pair of Hayabusa Ashi Foot Grips that he purchased for himself over a year ago. has edited the review to account for spelling/grammar/length/etc., but the content and scores reflect the opinions of Steve Garcia.  His opinions are solely his own, and in no way representative of and its affiliates.

When I first started training MMA and grappling, I experienced a lot of foot and ankle injuries.  I quickly found out that I would need some kind of protection and support if I was going to continue fighting seriously.  While shopping for ankle supports online, the Hayabusa Ashi Foot Grips immediately caught my attention.  If anything can be said about Hayabusa, it is that all their products look incredible.  Not only that, but the ankle supports also offered a few features that I didn’t really see in other supports.  I decided to buy a pair, and see if they could handle the beating that regular training could put on them.

Features From

  • Engineered for Ultimate Mat Traction
  • Designed with Revolutionary SureGripTM Technology
  • Maximize Footwork Speed and Agility
  • Delivers unmatched foot and ankle support
  • Antibacterial odor inhibiting properties and superior breathability
  • Increase takedown, Sprawling and start/stop power

[rating:5] 5 Stars

Quality The first thing that I noticed when I tried these on is how tight they were.  I kinda figured that this was due to them having to cover a wide range of foot sizes.  I was right, and they loosened to perfect tightness in a few days.  They offer incredible support for the ankle, and a they are really good at protecting the top of the foot from mat burn.A couple of things really surprised me about these foot grips.  Most neoprene supports either offer durability or breathability.  The tight knit that usually offers durability, usually doesn’t breath as well as the looser knit (but poorer quality) supports.  These really seem to find that perfect middle point between the two though.  I actually feel really comfortable wearing them.

Also, the rubber bumps at the bottom of the foot grip (SureGripTM Technology) actually worked really well when I competed in them.  New grappling mats are notoriously slick, but these allowed me to use my full range of motion without worrying about grip.  However, the bumps do wear out pretty quickly with heavy usage.  Only a minor complaint compared to overall quality of the foot grips though.  These things are insanely durable, and I’ve trained in them for over a year without any tearing at all.

[rating:4.5] 4.5 Stars


Value One thing that usually turns people off about Hayabusa gear is the price.  A lot of the people are scared to take the leap, because they have no idea if an investment that large would be worth it.  I had the same fears when I first paid $39.99 for the Ashi Foot Grips, but I’m really glad that I did.  You hear the expression “You get what you pay for.” all the time, but it really applies in this case.With the Ashi Foot Grips, Hayabusa offers a really great looking product that backs up the looks with a great build quality.  Like most protective gear that you can buy for MMA and grappling, you can always find something that’s functional for cheap that’ll last you a couple months tops.  If you are willing to spend a few extra dollars though, you can get something that’ll be durable enough to keep for a long time.

[rating:4.5] 4.5 Stars


I’ve used the Ashi Foot Grips during both heavy training and competition, and I honestly couldn’t be happier with them.  They provide excellent support for my ankles, and they also do a great job protecting the top of my foot from mat burn.  They look great, feel great, and they are insanely durable.

Although the bottom grips could be a bit better, they more than meet my standards for what a 40 dollar product should have.  I used to be hesitant to buy Hayabusa products, because of the price. However, I was really glad to find out that their products are well worth the price of admission.  The Hayabusa Ashi Foot Grips are awesome.

  • Tight fitting, but very flexible
  • Extremely durable
  • The soles provide excellent grip (while they last)
  • The price can scare some people
  • The rubber bumps used for grip can wear off quickly

Overall [rating:4.5] 4.5 Stars

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