Product Review: DOM Fight Gear DMX II Competition Gi

DOM Fight Gear DMX II Competition Gi

Reviewed By: Jeff Gonzales/Conor Hogan
October 25, 2011

Disclosure: This gi was given to TheCageDoor as a comp, but then subsequently given to Jeff Gonzales to review.  

If you have been to any local jiu jitsu tournaments or MMA fights in the past couple of years, you’ve undoubtedly seen the guys from DOM Fight Gear before.  As avid supporters of the Texas fight scene, they have cultivated quite the grassroots following of their brand.  The number of people seen at these events wearing their (admittedly awesome) signature Tattered Flag shirts and various kimonos is rapidly growing.  I knew that I had to see what was so great about the DOM line of kimonos.  Is the success of the DOM gi due to the quality of the product itself, or is it merely a result of increased presence at all of our local events?

When I approached Rocky Haire of DOM fight gear with this question, he insisted on sending me a gi to check out for myself.  However, upon receiving the gi, I quickly found out that my fat butt couldn’t fit into the A2 that he sent me. So I enlisted the help of Elite MMA teammate and local police officer, Jeff Gonzales, to help me test the DMX II Competition Gi.  While I (Conor Hogan) may interject with some various observations, please consider Jeff’s opinion as the definitive review and the one reflective of the

Features The DOM Fight Gear DMX II Competition Gi features gold weave jacket and rip stop pants.  The jacket is a single-piece construction that is pretty standard with most BJJ gis that you find on the market today.  There are quite a few patches that adorn the jacket, and the pants feature a really slick looking embroidered logo on the left leg. The bottom of the jacket and the sleeves have a 3/4-1 inch thick taping running around them.  While it definitely adds to the aesthetics of the gi, I can see where it might give your opponent a competitive advantage on the sleeve grips.  It’s not the most advanced gi on the market, but it’s certainly one of the better looking ones (I love the way it looks too! — Conor).

That being said, The cut of the jacket certainly leaves a bit to be desired.  The proportions of the jacket seemed a bit more in line with a Judoka kimono, rather than a BJJ gi.  The skirt was excessively long, while the sleeves were nearly the perfect length pre-wash.  Something told me that there were going to be some issues after I washed this thing.  Unfortunately, I was correct in my assumption.  The gi is marketed as “pre-shrunk” but, in reality, the jacket shrank quite a bit after washing.  While this certainly benefited the overall fit of the gi in the long haul, it could cause some serious issues for some people if not air dried after washing.  It is worth noting, however, that the pants did not shrink at all.  You’ll actually find that this is the case with most gi that are pairing full cotton jackets with rip stop pants.It’s a bit disappointing, but something that can be easily overlooked if you get a fitting in person at one of DOM’s several event appearances.

The gi’s cut is a bit awkward for those who like the slim fitting gis, but it follows the new trend of wider shoulder cuts with slimmer fitting pants.  This is a new competition trend that takes the lapels from laying off the center of the chest, and keeps the pant legs harder to grab.  I’m personally not a fan of gis cut like this, but I can see where most people would like it. (I LOVE wider cut gis like this. To each his own.. — Conor)

[rating:3.5] 3.5 Stars


Quality One thing that amazed me about the gi was the quality of the pants.  A lot of times, you find that a gi manufacturer will leave the pants as an afterthought to the overall design of the jacket.  These things are ultra-light and incredibly durable.  When you first start training in them, their weight and texture actually make you think that they’d be easily torn.  However, they really can take a beating.

The jacket is no slouch either.  Although it is constructed out of a single (gold) weave cotton, the durability reminded me of some of the older double weave gis that I’ve worn in the past.  The stitching of the gi is top quality, even better than many premium ($170+) gis that I’ve owned in the past. I really like that DOM has created a gi that is light enough to be competition-worthy, but also durable enough to stand up to the daily rigors of training. It also breathes very well during intense rolling sessions.  This is an absolute must for anyone training in the Texas heat, and it weighs heavily into my decision when buying a new gi.

[rating:4.0] 4 Stars


Value DOM has the DMX II Competition Gi listed at $119.99 on their website.  This puts it in line with other companies basic models that are a lot heavier, and leave much do be desired aesthetically.  To find a high quality, great looking, competition gi at this price is astounding.  It’s seriously better looking than some of my premium-priced gis, and certainly more durable. However, it is still a tad pricey to be chancing any sizing mishaps.  While I have full confidence that DOM would be willing to swap you for one that fits, definitely get fitted for one of these in person. There’s nothing worse than the pain of having to mail back a brand new gi due to sizing difficulties.

[rating:4.5] 4.5 Stars


I really believe that DOM are onto something special with the DMX II Competition Gi.  While it certainly isn’t perfect, its fit and durability really make it stand apart from other national level gi producers. With the growth of MMA and BJJ in Texas, there has been a large influx of companies trying to ride the wave of popularity with products that appeal to fighters.  However, DOM really seems to be one of the only local companies that consider the functionality of their products, rather than just their aesthetics or cost.  I’d actually see in direct competition with other high-end gis when considering my next purchase.

You can check out DOM Fight Gear locally at most of the MMA and BJJ events in Texas, or just hop over to their website for more info on their entire line of products.

  • Incredible value for a competition gi
  • Insanely durable
  • Love the embroidered logo on the pants
  • Sizing can be a bit wonky
  • Not “pre-shrunk” as advertised
  • Not for people who hate patches all over their jackets

Overall [rating:4.0] 4 Stars

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