Product Review: Break Point Light Weight Deluxe Gi

Break Point Light Weight Deluxe Gi

Reviewed By: AJ Hoffman
October 19, 2011

Disclosure: This product was a review comp from Break Point.

I have recently been in the market for a new gi. I wanted something a little nicer than what I had been rocking. When I received this gi in the mail, I was part excited, part disappointed. The excitement came from the gi being nicely folded in a backpack, which will definitely come in handy at the next tournament. It also comes with two pair of pants, a sturdy pair for training and a lighter pair for competition use. The disappointment was more of a personal one, as I jumped to a conclusion based on a picture. I had seen a few guys at my gym with Lucky Gis that had a soft, silky lining on the inside. I saw the pictures (see below) on their website and made an assumption that this gi had that lining. It does not. It is a quality gi though, but not without a few minor flaws.

Features (From The all new Break Point Light Weight Deluxe Gis are here to revolutionize the Jiu Jitsu Industry.  It comes with two types of pants.  The heavy duty training pants made with the same fabric as the Gis and the light weight competition pants.   The Gi has been designed from the ground up with flexibility, lightness and resistance in mind.  It is the ideal Gi for competition and training because of the two kinds of pants.  Additionally, the Gi has no seam on the back, it is a one piece construction top.  The Gi is also 95% Pre-Shrunk.[rating:4.0] 4 Stars


Quality First of all, this is a really good looking gi. My other gis have been a little more muted. This one definitely is “blingy”. There are patches on the lapel, shoulders, thigh, lower back and a large BP on the chest with a smaller one on the upper back. The stitching quality is pretty good. I have trained in it for a couple of weeks now and have not had any issues. To this point I have only used the sturdier “training” pants. The gi isn’t heavy, but the feel is very durable. One of my gis in particular feels like it is going to rip when someone pulls on it. That is definitely not the case here. I was concerned that it would hinder my movement, but the material actually moves really nicely with you. I am quite satisfied with the materials.The lapels are sturdy, yet not stiff and hard. Even the inner lining that I mentioned my disappointment about is softer than it looks. It really finds a balance of rugged and comfortable.I had two downfalls. The first is the drawstring. It is a flat drawstring, not a rope. It started to give me a little bit of an issue after just a couple of wears. Mostly one side of the drawstring wants to give slack and the other doesn’t and it forces me to tie off to one side. A small annoyance, but an annoyance.The other issue for me is the fit. I am 6’3” and around 210. This puts me in the A-3 group for weight, but A-4 for height. I went with an A-4. I was concerned it would be baggy on me, which it is, albeit only slightly. The problem I have is that the pants are still too short on me. The sleeve length is very good on the gi, but the pants could use an extra inch or two. If I were an inch taller (the high end of the A-4 chart) I would be rocking capri pants. One definite perk is the ability to order different sized gi and pants. So if you are an A-3 up top and an A-4 down low, you don’t really have to compromise.[rating:4.0] 4 Stars


Value Right now you can get these gis at, as well as other websites. The price varies by color. The white version will run you $139.95, the blue one $149.95 and the black is $159.95. There is a $5 upcharge that will be applied if you order an A-5 gi. Compared to the other gis I have, this one is a great value. It feels like a much higher quality gi than my others, yet the price tag falls in the middle somewhere. The extra pair of pants is really a great selling point. Even if you don’t use them for competition, it gives you a great lightweight pair for summer time training.[rating:5.0] 5 Stars

Summary Overall, I am very pleased with the product. It has the feel of something that will last a long time, and compared to some of the other gis on the market, it is a relative steal. I am hoping the company comes out with more designs in the future. As a first time “user” of Break Point products, they have done plenty to persuade me to come back again. This gi is the nicest one in my collection now, and will likely be the gi I compete in most often.

  • Durable feel, good stitching. Feels like it will last me a while.
  • Comfortable. Not scratchy or stiff.
  • Great quality for the price. Excellent value. Comes with a second pair of pants.
  • Not in love with the drawstring.
  • Pants are a little bit shorter than I would like.
  • No silky lining on the inside of the kimono, as it might appear in pictures

Overall [rating:4.0] 4 Stars 

Side Note: Break Point is also sponsoring The NORTH AMERICAN BRAZILIAN JIU-JITSU FEDERATION’s 2011 “Lone Star State Jiu Jitsu Championship”. The event will take place on November 12th & 13th at Duncanville Fieldhouse (1700 S. Main Street) in Duncanville, TX.  For more details or to register CLICK HERE.