WEC 44 Predictions


Mike Brown (22-4) vs Jose Aldo (15-1)

Mike Brown is a huge 145lber. He holds a brown belt in BJJ, and he has massive power in both hands. He has been able to smother his opponents and make them fight his fight. He bested the human highlight reel Urijah Faber twice when he was considered unbeatable. Brown is on a 10 fight win streak, and he is ranked the #5 pound for pound fighter in the world. His size, wrestling ability, and power is a problem for any fighter in the 145lb class.

Jose Aldo is scary guy. He has made his name in the WEC as a striker even though he is a black Belt in BJJ. Of his 15 wins, he has 2 submission victories of which one was a verbal submission via soccer strikes. Aldo may very well be the future of the sport. He is a high level BJJ player with top tier striking abilities. He has the fastest strikes in fighting, and his biggest weapon is his right knee. Because of his superb speed he is able to strike with his knee when other fighters simply cannot.

Mike Brown will come out and try to clinch with Aldo and beat him up. It may be the only way to slow Aldo down. Jose will look to keep his distance and use his speed to strike quickly and get back to avoid the power of Brown. On the ground, this is a close fight with Aldo having a slight edge though I think that Brown’s size will be a problem for Aldo on the ground. Brown has handled the speed of Urijah, but can he catch up to Aldo?

Prediction: Brown by TKO round 3

Manvel Gamburyan (9-4) vs Leonard Garcia (13-4)

Manvel is a black belt in Judo, and he has surprising power for his size. Garcia has huge power in his right hand, but he tends to get very sloppy during exchanges. Look for Anvil to try and close the distance to make up for the size difference. Garcia needs to use his jab to set up the big right.

Prediction:  Gamburyan round 2 submission

Rob McCullough (22-5) vs Karen Darabedyan (8-1)

Razor Rob is a former WEC Lightweight champion and a 5 time Muay Thai World champion. He loves to stand, and he has great counter striking.
Karen is a Judo black belt and trains with Manny Gamburyan and UFC fighter Karo Parisyan. He seems to enjoy standing with his opponents more than playing to his Judo skills. Karen would be mistaken if he thinks his standup skills are on the same level as Rob. Look for Karen to clinch, and look for throws to keep Rob off balance. If Rob can keep this standing, he has a big advantage

Prediction:  Rob McCullough by Decision

Danny Castillo (8-1) vs Shane Roller (6-2)

Castillo is a former NAIA All American wrestler who likes to control from the top and smother his opponents. Shane Roller is a good wrestler with decent striking skills. Look for Castillo to try and grind out a decision victory by clinching and taking Roller down. Castillo has great cardio, and he trains with Urijah Faber, so watch for some unorthodox striking attempts.

Prediction:  Castillo by Decision