UFC on Fox 1 – Expert Picks Panel

Just in time for the mainstream debut of the UFC, here is our expert picks for the UFC on Fox 1. 

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Our Houston MMA Picks Panel is comprised of:

See what they think below and then feel free to chime in with your picks and predictions in the comments section.


AJ Rosa Pierce Escovedo Semerzier Yamamoto
Brett Lucas Bradley Caceres Peralta Yamamoto
Chris Rosa Pierce Escovedo Semerzier Yamamoto
Cody Rosa Pierce Escovedo Peralta Yamamoto
Eric Rosa Pierce Caceres Peralta Uyenoyama
Lance Lucas Pierce Caceres Peralta Yamamoto
Mike Rosa Pierce Escovedo Peralta Yamamoto


DeMarques Johnson
VS Clay Harvison
Expert Who When How Why
AJ Johnson  Goes The Distance Dec.
Brett Johnson Rd 2 KO
Chris Johnson Rd 3 Sub.
Cody Johnson Rd 3 Sub. I believe this will be a fun fight to watch.  It’s win or go home time for these two.  Johnson is coming off a two month old injury but brings it.  Harvison is primarily a stand up fighter and most likely wants to brawl.  I think Johnson will catch him in the second to third round with Harvison’s nemesis, the rear naked choke.
Eric Harvison Rd 1 TKO Yeah… anyone that has a deceased family member’s ashes tattooed into them… yeah I’m gonna pick them.
Lance Harvison Goes The Distance Dec. Not many fights are quite as uninteresting to me as this one…but hey this one is
Mike Johnson Rd 2 Sub. Both these guys have shown to be susceptible to submissions and well-rounded everywhere else but “Darkness” may be a hair better in all areas. Look for him to catch up with Clay sometime in round 2.

Ricardo Lamas
VS Cub Swanson
Expert Who When How Why
AJ Lamas  Rd 2 Sub.
Brett Lamas Goes The Distance Dec.
Chris Swanson Rd 3 TKO
Cody Lamas Goes The Distance Dec. Cub Swanson is coming off injury and I think Cub’s problems with wrestlers will continue.  But this could be a close fight leaving fans arguing as to who won.
Eric Lamas Rd 2 TKO I haven’t seen either of these guys fight. So I flipped a coin and thankfully it didnt come up ?.
Lance Swanson Goes The Distance Dec. hmm…so swanson has more losses but has fought tougher competition
Mike Lamas Goes The Distance Dec. Swanson has faced tougher competition in his career but Ricardo Lamas has looked better lately outside of his loss to Yuri Alcantara. I’m not confident that Swanson can take it to the ground but Lamas can take it there if he wants to. He’ll do enough in this one to take it to a decision and win.

Dustin Poirier
VS Pablo Garza
Expert Who When How Why
AJ Poirier Goes The Distance Sub.
Brett Poirier Rd 1 Dec.
Chris Poirier Rd 3 TKO
Cody Poirier Goes The Distance Dec. Big fan of Poirier, he is a beast.  I do think the odds makers are favoring Poirier by too big of a margin, but he still wins a decision.
Eric Garza Goes The Distance TKO
Lance Poirier Rd 2 Dec. two fighters with good records… im not really too sure who’ll win this one… guess time
Mike Poirier Rd 2 Dec. FOTN right here. Two exciting guys with offensive-minded styles. Pablo’s been more exciting as a finisher (flying knee of Fabiano / flying triangle on Jabouin) but Poirier has KO power and submissions of his own. The winner of this one will be 3-0 in the UFC and on the way to being a contender. For the money, I see that guy being Dustin Poirier.

Ben Henderson
VS Clay Guida
Expert Who When How Why
AJ Henderson Goes The Distance Dec.
Brett Guida Rd 2 Sub.
Chris Henderson Goes The Distance Dec.  Henderson is the better fighter but it will go the distance because Guida likes to bloody the mat.
Cody Henderson Goes The Distance Split Dec. Typical fast paced Guida fight.  Guida will look to get this fight to the ground, but I don’t believe he will dominate there. Henderson is very good on the ground and works well from his back.  Henderson will be able to get back to his feet when he is taken down and land big shots on Guida.  Look for Henderson to keep his distance and throw heavy jabs.
Eric Henderson Goes The Distance Split Dec. FOTN, maybe even fight of the year, Potential. I still cant believe this one isnt gonna be on TV. Gonna be one helluva fight.
Lance Henderson Rd 2 Sub. Henderson is one to watch, and although Guidas tough as heck..i think he’ll be henderson fodder
Mike Henderson Goes The Distance Dec. Tough fight to call between two energizer bunnies who can wrestle for days. The winner probably gains a title shot against Frankie Edgar next. I’m leaning with Bendo in this one since he just beat Jim Miller – who I see as being a better wrestler than Guida and has also beat Cerrone twice along with guys like Roller, Bocek, and Njokuani. Guida’s no joke but Henderson will prove to be better.

Cain Velasquez
VS Junior Dos Santos
Expert Who When How Why
AJ Dos Santos Rd 2 TKO
Brett Velasquez Goes The Distance Dec.
Chris Dos Santos Rd 2 TKO This one will end in a TKO or KO either way. Although close call I think Junior connects first.
Cody Dos Santos Rd 2 TKO Odds are these guys won’t go the distance.  The UFC isn’t going to put on a boring show for all of america to see.  I don’t think these guys can take 5 rounds of each other.  This fight should showcase a competitive stand-up fight which I believe the better boxer will win, Dos Santos.
Eric Dos Santos Rd 1 TKO Cigano decimated Carwin, if you just forget about the closing 5 seconds of that match. I except him to perform very closely to the same level in this match as he did against Carwin. IMHO, JDS is easily the has the best hands in the Heavyweight Division in the MMA World.
Lance Velasquez Rd 2 TKO Both good fighter, but can dos santos deal with cains strength and wrestling… me thinks not
Mike Dos Santos Rd 3 TKO The champion is the favorite in this one with his wrestling and relentless style but Junior is a live underdog that won’t gas like Brock Lesnar did. I think he’s got the chops to weather the storm and get back to his feet after Velasquez puts him down. All it takes is one well-timed uppercut and that title is going back to Brazil.