UFC Fight For The Troops 2 – Expert Picks

The UFC returns to Texas for their second Fight For the Troops event on January 22, 2011 at Ft. Hood.  The card has a good amount of fighters with Texas ties to it along with some interesting match-ups.  TheCageDoor.net along with AJ Hoffman of the Houston MMA Examiner have assembled a group of Houston area MMA “experts” to get their perspective on the fights.

The group is comprised of the following:

UFC veterans

Houston MMA fighters

MMA Manager

Local Promoters

Local Media Personalities

See what they think below and then feel free to chime in with your picks and predictions in the comments section.

Cole Miller VS Matt Wiman

The Expert Who When How Why
Adam Miller Rd 2 Submission Because he’s proven that he is an ATT phenom on the mat! He already holds 3 Submission of the Night victories as well as a KO of the night honor.
AJ Miller Rd 2 Submission I will keep this simple. I think Miller is getting better and better, and the time he has lost I have been surprised. I am ALWAYS surprised when Wiman wins.
Alex Miller Rd 2 Submission Cole Miller has probably one of the best ground games in the lightweight division and his standup is getting better every fight. I think if this fight goes to the ground then it will be a short night for Wiman and possibly submission of the night for Miller
Artenas Miller Goes the Distance Decision Both have the ability to finish this fight early, but I believe Matt will be able to squeak out of subs and make it, with Cole winning the un. dec. by outworking Matt.
Barry Miller Rd 3 Submission Miller is a submission machine.
Chris Miller Rd 2 Submission I see this fight coming down to patience and Miller catching Wiman in the 2nd with a submission
Eric Miller Rd 2 Submission Cole “Magrinho” Miller has a professional fighting record of  17-4-0, with 12 of those wins coming by submissions, 25% of them being a triangle choke. Matt “Handsome” Wiman holds a record of 12-5-0, 4 of those losses coming by decision and 1 by KO. Miller is going to have to bring his “A” game if he is going to try to submit Wiman. I believe he will have it that night and it will be too much for Matt Wiman to handle and will receive his first submission loss in the second round. (Submission of the Night Potential)
Lance Miller Rd 2 Submission
Oklahomma’s Matt Wiman faces fellow TUF 5 vet Cole Miller in what may be an interesting matchup. Wiman was on Penn’s team, and Miller on Pulvers if I remember correctly. Wimans only been finished once by Spencer Fishers flying knee, having gone the distance in his other losses, and managing to submit the game Mac Danzig.
Miller trains at American Top Team and holds a number of submission wins, his most recent losses to Escudero and Stephens suggest Wiman may be more successful in a standup fight, however both fighters have ground games.
My pick is Miller to finish this one by submission.
Macaco Wiman Rd 2 TKO Cole Miller is a good fighter but Matt Wiman will win by hard punches and controling the fight.
Mick Miller Rd 3 TKO Cole is on a tear he claims he always finishes fights.
Mike Wiman Goes the Distance Decision Matt Wiman is tough to finish, active, and grinds out fights with a good mix of takedowns and ground control. Cole Miller is a long-reached submission artist with a more quirky style that fools a lot of his opponents. Both fighters are coming off a two fight win streak so they should both be confident riding into this bout. Tough one to call but I’m going to go with Wiman via decision on account on having never been submitted in his career.
Ragan Miller Rd 2 Submission Wiman has never been submitted and Miller has a history of suffering a “flash knockout”.  So I’m picking Miller to win by submission.  His ground game is improving with every fight and he’s 4-1 in his last 5 fights, winning all by submission.  Wiman has the advantage standing, but Miller will use his deceptive stand up game to get the fight to the ground and finally submit Wiman.
Rich Miller Rd 2 Submission Wiman’s UFC run will end with this fight. Cole Miller is on a hot streak and has looked superb.
Sam Miller Rd 3 Submission He is a closer and wastes no time.

Patrick Barry VS Joey Beltran

The Expert Who When How Why
Adam Barry Rd 2 TKO Have you seen his recent Twitter picture? BEAST!!!!! Despite the coolest nickname, “The Mexecutioner”, Pat Barry won’t go to a decision like Beltran’s last 2 fights.
AJ Barry Rd 2 KO Beltran is pretty good, but will probably be dumb and try to stand with Barry. Plus the last time I saw Pat Barry, he looked like a BEAST. I think the CroCop fight would have been a massacre had he not busted his paw.
Alex Barry Rd 1 TKO Joey Beltran is very tuff but that wont win you a fight with a guy like Pat Barry. I see Barry getting the TKO or KO in about 3 mins into the fight starting with him landing a head kick with his lead leg.
Artenas Barry Rd 2 TKO this fight shouldn’t be too tough for Pat, although Joey is a very worthy opponent, he will be willing to stand and bang, and that may be his downfall! Pat is experienced and the better striker!
Barry Barry RD 1 KO Coolest name in the business.  I just hope he doesn’t decapitate Beltran when he kicks him in the head.
Chris Beltran Rd 2 TKO I see Beltran  pushing the pace on this one forcing Barry to retreat and of course catching one to the chin in the 2nd.
Eric Barry Goes the Distance Decision I don’t think that there is anyone in the world of MMA that will question Pat Barry’s heart, chin, and toughness. Joey Beltran is going to put all of the aforementioned to the test as 6 out of his last 9 matches have ended in victory via strikes. I would not be surprised if this fight will turn into a down right brawl and not too much technical prowess will be displayed. This match will go to decision, and I believe that Patrick Barry will win by unanimous decision.
Lance Barry Goes the Distance Decision I think this will be a war, and tbh either guy could win. I like Barry, fighting out of Duke roufus’ camp and with a solid kickboxing career Barry is no slouch, having akso trained with Hoost and also a solid san shou background. Barry does have the smaller MMA record of the two, but I suspect has the better stand up. Beltran has 10 of his 12 wins by KO, although not against strikers of Barry’s calibre… im not too sure of Barry’s skills on the ground, but believe Beltran (The mexicutioner) is still a blue belt in BJJ

I have this one down to go the distance, but truthfully either man could get a KO.

Macaco Barry Rd 1 KO Patrick has good chin and strong movement with good power. He should win the fight.
Mick Barry Rd 1 TKO Because Pat Barry is the man and getting kicked by him would be truly frightening.
Mike Beltran Rd 2 TKO Pat Barry is a highly-touted striker but he’s got a pedestrian .500 record since coming into the UFC. He also broke half his body and ended up in a wheelchair after his last bout with his hero, Mirko Crocop. On the other, Joey Beltran has won two out three in the UFC and is coming off a Fight of the Night performance against Matt Mitrione in a losing effort at UFC 119. Beltran is a hard fighter to finish and I have my doubts that Barry is going to be able to do inflict his will without getting taken down. Beltran by TKO.
Ragan Barry Rd 3 TKO Beltran got out struck in his fight with Mitrione.  Now he’s facing the next step up in striking in Pat Barry, which is a HUGE step up.  Also, Barry is going to be looking to silence those that continue to question his effort against Cro-Cop in which he had the opportunity to finish the fight but lacked the aggression.  I think that Beltran lasts a little while but Barry has too much power and precision and will eventually end the fight in the third.
Rich Barry Rd 1 KO Pat Barry is the scariest striker in the UFC. His Kicks make people cry before they land. Beltran is very powerful but will be at a disadvantage in the technique department.
Sam Barry Rd 1 TKO He is an old sparring partner of mine. Watch the leg kick set it up.

Mark Hominick VS George Roop

The Expert Who When How Why
Adam Roop Goes the Distance Decision Not sure but after the head kick KO of the Korean Zombie, my eyebrows were raised.
AJ Hominick Goes the Distance Decision I hate that this fight is on the main card. Roop is not good. That win over the Zombie is gonna make his career. Hominick has been a lot better the last few times I saw him, and it looks like a win here gets him a title shot. I can’t picture Roop being good enough to keep anyone away from that.
Alex Hominick Rd 2 KO Hominick has some of the sickest standup I have seen in MMA, I don’t think Roop with be able to survive Hominick’s crazy angles and great combinations that he puts together.
Artenas Hominick Goes the Distance Split Decision should be a scrap! Mark will be the busier fighter, which should do enough to pull out the W!
Barry Hominick Goes the Distance Decision Roop is long and talented, but Hominick is on that next level, especially his striking.
Chris Roop Goes the Distance Decision Two very experienced fighters here. You may want to record this one and watch it in slow motion, this is what the UFC wanted in the merge and this one will be fast and furious and the judges left to rule in Roops favor.
Eric Hominick Rd 2 TKO This is going to be a reality check fight for George Roop after coming off a stunning KO victory over “The Korean Zombie” Chan Sung Jung. But fighting zombies is a lot different than fighting machines. Mark “The Machine” Hominick is has vastly more experienced, balanced in his game, more consistent, and has fought, and won, over more adept opponents. “The Machine” also holds a victory over a common opponent, Leonard “Bad Boy” Garcia, where as Roop’s fight against Garcia ended in a draw. Hominick is coming into this fight with a 4 fight winning streak and will continue with a second round tko victory.
Lance Hominick Rd 2 Submission Ontario native Hominick comes to the UFC from WEC as does Roop. Roop surprised fans with a head kick KO of the Korean Zombie and has the definate height advantage in this fight. Both fighters are kickboxers, Roop from Team Tomkins and Hominick from xtreme courture which in itself makes an interesting matchup. Hominick has some good submission skills, and Im sure if he is not winnng the standup we will see him take it to the ground and finish it by a sub.
Macaco Hominick Goes the Distance Decision This should be a good fight I think that Mark will win because he has been on a roll and has good movement.
Mick Hominick Rd 2 KO His standup is world class. I think Roops height would be tough for anyone at that weight but I think Hominick wins plus I really want to see Hominick and Aldo more than Roop and Aldo
Mike Hominick Rd 2 Submission I get the feeling that Roop will forever be known as the guy who viciously knocked out the Korean Zombie in such a way that those of us watching on television thought he was dead. Other than that fight, Roop has had a pretty pedestrian career thus far. On the other hand, Mark Hominick has won his last four fights. He’s going to win his fifth in Austin and probably do so via submission.
Ragan Hominick Goes the Distance Decision Both fighters like to stand and bang.  The problem is that Hominick is a world class striker.  Roop has a tendency to trade punches, regardless of who he’s facing, without making adjustments.  Roop should try to make it a grappling match, but he won’t, and that will be his downfall.  Look for Hominick’s superior striking to win the match, although I think it will be a long fight.
Rich Hominick Goes the Distance Split Decision Hominick has a great stand up game but will have trouble getting past the reach of Roop…Roop your name rhymes with poop there fore you lose.
Sam Hominick Goes the Distance Decision Too experienced.

Matt Mitrione VS Tim Hague

The Expert Who When How Why
Adam Mitrione Rd 3 TKO I think the UFC and Zuffa are using Hague as a way to build up Mitrione’s career to get him to the next level, hence the co-main event status. I say Mitrione walks through him.
AJ Mitrione Goes the Distance Decision Hague got cut by the UFC after losing to the dredges of the heavyweight division. I can’t picture him beating Mitrione. I tried cheering against him, but I just can’t. He is fun to watch, and so far he has looked pretty solid.
Alex Mitrione Goes the Distance Decision This one I am picking just because I want Mitrione to win. I have become a fan of his in the last few fights and I think he has the potential to become a great fighter
Artenas Mitrione Rd 2 TKO I think Matt is just the hungrier fighter in this one, with heavy hands and a will to Win!
Barry Mitrione Rd 2 KO Meathead does what he wants when he wants…kind of. This is a should win, so why not pick him.
Chris Hague Rd 3 TKO Close fight in round one and two, but will be controlled by Hague who will use GnP to finish Mitrione in the 3rd.
Eric Mitrione Rd 1 TKO Matt Mitrione is a surprising upcoming, if that is possible after being a contender on “The Ultimate Fighter”, under the radar type of fighter. Tim Hague is coming into this match with a two fight winning streak, all by (t)ko. However he has lost 3 straight UFC appearances, and I think the ladder streak will continue. As much as I disliked Matt Mitrione in TUF 10 he has won in all 3 of his UFC matches, he has looked better and better in each and every single one of his fights. Look for him to show more improvement as he wins this heavyweight match up in the first round due to strikes.
Lance Hague Rd 2 TKO On paper i had to go with hague, a greater experienced fighter with good KO power Hague has more experience. Mitrione has a solid background in sports so brings a hard training philosophy with him. Where as Mitrione has a win over Beltran, Hague has a loss. If Mitrione can keep the fight going we may see Hague’s previous dubious cardio come into play, in which case I see Mitrione getting the nod but i rather think one of these collosuses will get a T/KO earlier.
Macaco Mitrione Rd 2 TKO Matt is very good with following game plan and seems to be very comfortable in the octagon. I think he will win with technique and power.
Mick Mitrione Goes the Distance Decision I think Mitrione wins, no real reason though.
Mike Mitrione Rd 3 TKO Let’s be honest with each other here. This one is a battle of meatheads. I mean, that is literally Mitrione’s nickname and Tim Hague doesn’t look like he’s far behind. Despite that moniker, Mitrione has actually shown himself to be a fairly well-rounded fighter with improving standup skills. Hague is a solid wrestler but I don’t think he can keep up with Mitrione in terms of athletic ability or raw skill. Meathead by TKO, round 3.
Ragan Mitrione Rd 1 TKO Mitrione trains with Pat Barry, who you will remember dominated Hague for all but a few seconds of their fight before getting submitted.  Barry had the perfect game plan going into the fight, but made one drastic mistake.  This isn’t a mistake that Mitrione will make.  Although Hague is a more refined fighter with 16 professional fights, look for Mitrione to be the hungrier fighter to continue his undefeated streak.  This fight should be a stand up battle with Mitrione proving once again that he belongs.
Rich Mitrione Rd 1 KO Matt has huge power and is very athletic for a HWY..Tim Hague lost to Duffee in 7 seconds…Thats all I need to know
Sam Hague Rd 2 KO He will push Mitrione around and Matt doesn’t like that.

Evan Dunham VS Melvin Guillard

The Expert Who When How Why
Adam Dunham Rd 3 Decision I love Melvin and I hope he wins, but something tells me Dunham’s got this especially since he was initially set to take on Kenny Florian. My $0.02
AJ Dunham Rd 1 Submission Probably not the popular choice around here, but if it weren’t for Dunham’s “loss”*** against Sherk he would be on the short list of title contenders. Guillard’s weakness has always been the same. If he doesn’t finish you in some explosive, amazing fashion, he probably gets choked out. I expect nothing different here. Dunham is the real deal.
Alex Dunham Rd 3 Submission This is a hard fight for both guys but I think Dunham has the edge in the ground game for sure and if he stays smart on his feet and figures out Guillards timing then he can survive the speed that Guillard will bring and get it to the ground where I think he will win buy submission mid way in the 3rd
Artenas Guillard Rd 1 TKO Angels, pace, and hard work!
Barry Dunham Goes the Distance Decision My heart says Guillard, but my head say Dunham. Guillard is quick and seems focused, but Dunham is a better fighter, right now.
Chris Guillard Rd 3 TKO Both fighters match-up very well, but Melvin has changed since training at Jacksons. I see Melvin using his takedown defense and catching Dunham in the 3d. This should be a crowd pleaser!
Eric Guillard Rd 2 TKO This is an intriguing main event fight of two very up incoming contenders in the heavily populated UFC lightweight division. The winner of this match will certainly become of a part of the short list of contenders that will in line to face Lightweight Champion Frankie Edgar. Melvin Guillard was a beast before he came to Greg Jackson stable, and is now a monster after he started training there. You can not deny the fact that most, if not all, Greg Jackson stabled fighters come in to every match prepared and have a game winning strategy the more times than not is the correct formula for victory. Evan Dunham has been living on the edge in three of out of his last four matches with them being decided by split decision, his last match being a split decision loss, Guillard will prove to be too much for young Evan Dunham to handle in the second round, and propel himself into the mix for lightweight title contention.
Lance Guillard Goes the Distance Decision Guillard in the past has struggled with some of the good submission artists he’s faced, and Dunham fits that category. Dunhams only loss by decision was to sherk. Hes had some good sub wins and his last two fights before the sherk loss went to decision. Guillard has had his ups and downs, and on paper Id give it to Dunham by sub, BUT we have seen a huge improvement in Guillard an I just have a hunch he might pull this one off. He seems focussed and ready for action.

I have Guillard to pull off a decision.

Macaco Guillard Rd 3 TKO Melvin is fast and strong, this with a good coach is very dangerous. I think he will do well and win.
Mick Dunham Rd 3 Submission This is a tough one because I really would like to see Melvin win. A lot of this depends on how much Jackson really has influenced Melvin and help him keep his focus. On the other hand Evan should really be undefeated was it not for the terrible decision against Sherk. Evan has never been finished and Melvin has a tendency to get subbed even though I really wouldn’t mind being wrong I have to go with Evan Dunham
Mike Dunham Rd 4 Submission Melvin “The Young Assasin” has been a much-improved fighter as of late since making the move to New Mexico to work with the Jackson camp. He’s shown much improved patience and in many ways refined the raw talent he was once known for. This will be his biggest test as he takes on Evan Dunham, a BJJ black belt and wrestler out the Couture camp. Other than a controversial decision loss to Sean Sherk which Dana White said was BS, Dunham has not suffered a loss and as much as I like him, I don’t think Melvin is going to be the one to do it. Evan Dunham by submission, round four if not sooner.
Ragan Dunham Rd 2 Submission Melvin has had a resurgence since teaming up with Jackson’s full time, and he definitely has a more refined stand up game than Evan, but I do not think that he is as balanced of a fighter.  Evan should be undefeated after getting robbed of a decision against Sherk, but this fight will not make it to the judges.  Look for Evan to take Melvin down early in the fight and use his superior ground game to keep him there.
Rich Dunham Rd 2 Submission Evan Dunham may be the future of the 155 division..Guillard is an athletic freak who is good in all areas except for the ground..while he has very good wrestling he is prone to submission.Out of his 8 losses 7 are by submission. Dunham has won over half of his fights by submission…
Sam Guillard Rd 3 KO Another guy I have known from my days at LSU. Melvin has the Greg Jackson Formula.