UFC 142 – “Expert” Picks

Here is how our some of the folks from around Houston MMA think the UFC 142 card is going to shake down.

If you are looking for even MORE information about the fights, including who you might want to put some scratch on, be sure and give our UFC 142 Bettor’s Guide a look.

Our Houston MMA Picks Panel is comprised of:

See what they think below and then feel free to chime in with your picks and predictions in the comments section.


AJ Stout Oliveira Alcantara Pyle Arantes
Chris Stout Gonzaga Alcantara Pyle Arantes
Eric Tavares Gonzaga Alcantara Pyle Arantes
Mike Stout Gonzaga Omigawa Pyle Arantes
Ragan Stout Oliveira Alcantara Pyle Carvalho


Edson Barboza
VS Terry Etim


Expert Who When How Why
AJ Barboza  Goes The Distance Dec. In a matchup of two standup fighters who aren’t afraid to go to the ground, I think Barboza is a little better in both areas.
Chris Barboza  Goes The Distance Dec.
Eric Barboza Rd 2 TKO Striker vs Grappler. Edson’s hands are nasty, and is an up and comer.
Mike Barboza Rd 2 KO Terry Etim is a good striker but Edson Barboza is a great one.
Ragan Barboza  Goes The Distance Dec. Not a good matchup for Etim.  Barboza is one of the top Brazilian prospects in the UFC and will be fighting in his home country.  Barboza has the edge in striking and power although Etim is very talented on his feet.  On the ground, Etim will have the advantage but can he get it there?  He will need to pull guard and be successful once he does.  Barboza is strong and won’t let it happen.
Erick Silva
VS Carlo Prater


Expert Who When How Why
AJ Silva Rd 2 Sub. This is tough for me for two reasons. 1. I know and love Carlo Prater. He is one of the best fighters I have ever been around as well as one of the nicest guys. and 2. I have been working on the bettor’s guide, and Prater is way more of an underdog than he should be. I will probably bet on Prater because I will get 4/1 on my investment, but in a straight pick I will go with Silva. He is a beast and the UFC (mistakenly) thinks they are throwing him a bone with this fight.
Chris Prater Rd 2 TKO I don’t care what the experts think I refuse to go against our hometown guy! Knock’em out! BUT Carlo keep that chin down!
Eric Prater Goes the Distance Dec. Silva is very seasoned, while I don’t seeing this fight being finished, I hope it does and goes to Carlo either way.Carlo is a hungry fighter and has fought hard to get this shot again at the world level. He won’t let it slip through his fingers.War Prater!
Mike Prater Rd 2 Sub. Erick Silva is the favorite in this fight by a ton but Carlo Prater is a Texas MMA pioneer. I’m taking our boy for the underdog victory!
Ragan Silva Goes the Distance Dec. WAR Prater! WAR Thug Jitsu!  The only problem is that Indio Silva is a young beast!  I figure that if I pick Silva and cheer for Prater I will be a winner either way.  I hope Prater destroys this guy and my pick is wrong.
Rousimar Palhares
VS Mike Massenzio


Expert Who When How Why
AJ Palhares Rd 1 Sub. Massenzio should tap before he gets in the cage.
Chris Palhares Rd 2 Sub. I just don’t think this is a good matchup at all, well except for Palhares
Eric Palhares Rd 2 Sub. Palhares has 9 submission wins out his last 11 wins. Gonna call a kneebar in the 2nd round.
Mike Palhares Rd 1 Sub. Toquinho by painful submission. Easiest pick of the night.
Ragan Palhares Rd 1 Sub. Who?  What?  Why?  Massenzio is in waaaaaaay above his head.  This is like Burmaster at the beach for Spring Break…people just point and laugh.  You have a fighter with a jelly knee (Massenzio) going against a fighter that collects legs for a living (Palhares).  This will be humorous at best.
Vitor Belfort
VS Anthony Johnson


Expert Who When How Why
AJ Belfort Rd 3 Sub. Will be interesting to see how gigantic Johnson is at 185 (he was a beast at 170). I think Johnson will try and rush Belfort and smash him, but Belfort is experienced enough to survive the early onslaught before finishing a spent Johnson.
Chris Belfort Rd 2 TKO I’m really looking forward to this fight, and it is a very tough call but I will go with Vitor based on experience and power.
Eric Belfort Rd 2 KO Only thing I know is that this is going to end brutally. Can’t wait.
Mike Belfort Rd 2 TKO Who cares how strong Rumble is. Vitor has superior boxing, handspeed, and experience. He’ll take this one over his oversized opponent.
Ragan Belfort Rd 1 TKO I see that Rumble isn’t trying to cut down to featherweight from 265.  So he fights at this “new” weight class…against Vitor?  Vitor’s standup is crazy so for Rumble to have any shot, he will have to have the best wrestling night of his career.  Classic wrestler vs. striker matchup, so it will come down to who can impose their will.  Rumble will need to get past the middle of the 2nd round, which seems to be where Vitor forgets how to fight. We saw what happened when Rumble fought Brendan Conlon, it wasn’t pretty.

Jose Aldo
VS Chad Mendes


Expert Who When How Why
AJ Mendes  Goes The Distance Dec. I think Mendes is the kind of guy who will frustrate and control Aldo. This is probably a dumb pick, but this is the only kind of guy I can see beating Aldo. And he has to lose sometime, right?
Chris Aldo Rd 3 TKO
Eric Mendes  Goes The Distance Dec. Aldo hasnt fought anyone near Mendes’ wrestling ability, aside from Florian (who found moderate success and his wrestling is decent, but not at the same level as Mendes) against Aldo.
Mike Aldo  Goes The Distance Dec. This should look a lot like Aldo vs. Faber unless Jose gases. I bet he does well fighting in his own backyard.
Ragan Aldo Rd 3 TKO Striker vs wrestler.  Mendes will need to keep the fight ugly, against the fence, change levels, and all those wrestling terms.  Don’t stand and bang with Aldo.  If Mendes can get in top position and control the fight, he will pull out the upset.  Aldo will go back to his money kicks to keep Mendes away and avoid the takedowns.  Should be a close fight, with Mendes showing promise but Aldo just picking him apart and eventually finishing the fight.

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