UFC 140 – Expert Picks Panel

Written By: Barry Laminack

Look, I’ll be real honest, I was going to sit down and write you guys a really kick ass intro to our expert picks, but I took a musle relaxer instead of a an allergy pill, so I don’t have much time. UFC 140 is upon us. We got a bunch of dudes to give us their picks. You read. You decide if they are idiots are not.

The end.


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Our Houston MMA Picks Panel is comprised of:

See what they think below and then feel free to chime in with your picks and predictions in the comments section.


AJ Cholish Lentz Attonito Jabouin Hallman Hamman Soszynski
Brett Cholish Lentz Hecht Jabouin Hallman Philippou Soszynski
Chris Cholish Bocek Attonito Jabouin Makdessi Hamman Soszynski
Eric Clarke Lentz Attonito Watson Makdessi Philippou Soszynski
Justin  Clarke Bocek Attonito Jabouin Hallman  Philippou Soszynski
Lance Cholish Bocek Hecht Jabouin Hallman Philippou Soszynski
Mike Cholish Lentz Attonito Watson Hallman Hamman Soszynski
Ragan Cholish Bocek Attonito Jabouin Hallman Hamman Soszynski
Rich Clarke Lentz Attonito Jabouin Makdessi Hamman Soszynski


Mark Hominick
VS Chan Sung Jung


Expert Who When How Why
AJ Hominick Rd 2 TKO
Brett Hominick Rd 1 KO
Chris Hominick Rd 3 TKO I really don’t see this one being that close at all
Eric Hominick Rd 1 TKO Hominick is a beast.
Justin Hominick Rd 2 KO Mark has the cleaner striking so I think he takes this easy.
Lance Hominick Rd 2 TKO i think Hom will overwhelm Jung
Mike Hominick Rd 2 TKO Hominick is tough to take down and hold down plus he’s WAY better on his feet. He takes this one easy.
Ragan Hominick Goes the Distance Dec. Hominick has the clear advantage on the feet but if it goes to the ground, the Zombie has the edge.  Hominick isn’t a slouch on the ground, but the Zombie has more ground arsenal.  I don’t think the fight stays on the ground though and Hominick uses his speed to pick the Zombie apart.
Rich Hominick Rd 2 TKO Last time we saw Hominick he was birthin a baby from his forhead..Hopefully he has aborted that waste of skin and remembers how to evade punches for this fight.

Brian Ebersole
VS Claude Patrick


Expert Who When How Why
AJ Ebersole  Goes The Distance Dec.
Brett Ebersole Goes The Distance Dec.
Chris Ebersole Goes The Distance Dec.
Eric Ebersole Goes The Distance Split Dec. I think this fight has FotN potential.
Justin Ebersole Rd 2 Sub. Brian is a very quirky fighter with a ton of experience. I think he gets the nod
Lance Ebersole Goes The Distance Dec. Ebersole is solid
Mike Ebersole Goes The Distance Dec. This is a hard pick but Ebersole is so experienced. I’d have to give him the edge just based on that. Plus he beat the breaks off Hallman when he wore panties into the cage. That counts for something.
Ragan Ebersole Goes The Distance Split Dec. Patrick is a well rounded fighter, as is Ebersole.  Patrick is the HOT fighter right now without making a lot of “noise”, winning 13 in a row.  Ebersole has fought some tough opponents in the past and has proven the ability to at least compete.  He’s now dropped down to his natural weight.  Patrick has the guillotine that is crazy, but I think Ebersole stays aggressive and ends the streak of Patrick.
Rich Ebersole Goes The Distance Split Dec. Brian Ebersole usually shaves his chest into an arrow…I hope he shaves it into a the shape of a penis for this fight, then Ragan might pay attention.

Antonio Rogerio Nogueira
VS Tito Ortiz


Expert Who When How Why
AJ Nogueira Rd 2 Sub.
Brett Ortiz Rd 2 TKO Same
Chris Ortiz Goes The Distance Dec. Iiiiiiittttssss TIME! For  Tito to call it quits that is. I mean he has the skill but too many distractions in his personal life. one of them has to go.
Eric Nogueira Rd 2 TKO Boxer + BJJ against Wrestler in the twilight of his career… Yeah going with Little Nog here.
Justin Ortiz Goes The Distance Split Dec. Lil Nog tends to struggle with wrestlers so this fight is interesting.  I think Tito may be able to pull off the upset here
Lance Ortiz Goes The Distance Dec. not sure if this fight is relevant anymore, certainly a few die hard fans will be interested
Mike Ortiz Rd 2 TKO Tito has lost a few in a row outside of beating Bader but he’s never looked horrible, per say. Plus he’s a bad matchup for is opponent in this one.
Ragan Nogueira Goes The Distance Dec. Nog desperately needs a “W”.  He’s facing another top-notch wrestler in Tito.  Davis dominated Nog on the ground, so Tito could use that as a gameplan.  Both fighters are above average strikers, but that’s not their strength.  Tito will be a better striker than he’s faced lately.  Will depend on Tito’s cardio and health.  Nog should be able to wear down Tito, especially if it gets out of the first round.
Rich Ortiz Goes The Distance Dec.  Tito has a bigger head than Calimbas….barely.

  Frank Mir
VS Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira


Expert Who When How Why
AJ Noguira  Rd 2 TKO
Brett Mir Rd 1 TKO No Chin
Chris Mir Goes The Distance Dec. Its just so hard to predict Mir fights, you never know which Frank Mir will show up.
Eric Noguira Goes The Distance Dec. Last time Minotauro fought Mir, he was coming off of a bad staph infection. I believe he wasn’t quite 100% and was dispatched by Frank. I can not see Mir catching Big Nog twice.
Justin Mir Rd1 KO I think this is a replay of the first fight
Lance Mir Rd 2 TKO TKo by g’n’p victory…I suspect mir will be too strong… the nog bros can always pull one out of the bag though
Mike Mir  Goes The Distance Dec. Not too much has changed from their first matchup. Big Nog might be less injured and in better shape but Frank is still bigger and can pick him up against the cage just as well. It’s a bad matchup for Big Nog, as much as I want him to win.
Ragan Mir Rd 2 TKO Witnessed the first fight in person and the bosslady won a ton of $$$ betting on Mir.  I asked her who she likes in this fight and she still loves Mir.  I could go on about why I personally think Mir wins, but my official reason is because the bosslady says so.
Rich Mir Rd 1 KO One time I hugged Christian Sutton and my crotch beard grew dreads…true story.

Jon Jones
VS Lyoto Machida


Expert Who When How Why
AJ Jones Rd 3 TKO
Brett Jones Rd 3 TKO. Really???? Do I have to explain this one?????
Chris Jones Rd 2 TKO Jones is just too good. I also think this is just a bad matchup for Machida style wise.
Eric Jones Rd 2 TKO I do not see any way that Machida can ever get close, nor counter the speed, strength, length, and unorthodox striking of Jones.
Justin Jones Rd 3 TKO Jon Jones all day
Lance Jones Rd 2 TKO really…Machida isn’t a match for bones
Mike Jones Rd 3 TKO 84″ of reach and unpredictability. ‘Nuff said.
Ragan Jones Rd 3 TKO For Machida to win, he will have to find holes in Jones’ striking game.  Don’t see it happening.  This is a matchup of two crazy fighting styles, but Jones is just too good right now.  He has the advantage in just about every aspect.  Plus, Jones was really cool to “Bring the Pain” Blaine, so he won me over.
Rich Jones Rd 2 TKO Is it true that if you look directly into Andrew Craig’s eyes your pubes will grow to three times the normal length?.