UFC 139 – Houston MMA Picks

Up next on the schedule for the UFC is UFC 139. After making their debut on Fox last weekend, the UFC has put together arguably their best card top to bottom of the year. The under-card alone is STACKED, and the main card has several MMA legends fighting on it. 

We are excited to welcome a couple of new members to our expert panel.

Brett Boyce joined the panel last week. Brett has been involved in the Houston MMA and BJJ community for several years now. Along with running the hugely successful World Grappling Circuit BJJ promotion, Brett also has established built up a nice stable of fighters through his management company Made To Win. Earlier this year he also introduced his own line of gear under the Made To Win label. You can check out the gear at the Made To Win Fight Shop.

The other addition to our picks panel is Heavy MMA’s Jeremy Botter. Jeremy’s credentials in the MMA media industry speak for themselves. He is the editor of the highly regarded Houston Chronicle Brawl Sports blog and is the associate editor at Heavy MMA. Jeremy was born and raised in Houston but is now living in Las Vegas covering mixed martial arts full time.

We have also added something new to the mix. Instead of just listing all of our panel’s picks, we are now showing you who the CONSENSUS PICK is for each fight. We hope you enjoy this new addition.

Our Houston MMA Picks Panel is comprised of:

See what they think below and then feel free to chime in with your picks and predictions in the comments section.

Don’t forget that our UFC 139 fan picks contest is up and running so get your picks in before NOON on Saturday. Winner gets some TCD swag!

Good luck!


dos Anjos
CONSENSUS Castillo Brown Torres  Tibau Weidman McDonald Bader
AJ Castillo Baczynski Torres dos Anjos Weidman McDonald Bader
Brett Castillo Brown Torres dos Anjos Lawlor Soto Bader
Chris Castillo Brown Torres Tibau Weidman McDonald Bader
Eric Castillo Baczynski Torres dos Anjos Lawlor McDonald Bader
Jeremy Bailey Brown Torres Tibau Weidman McDonald Bader
Lance Bailey Brown Torres Tibau Lawlor McDonald Bader
Mike Castillo Brown Torres Tibau Weidman McDonald Bader
Ragan Bailey Brown Torres Tibau Weidman McDonald Brilz
Rich Bailey Brown Torres dos Anjos Weidman McDonald Bader


Stephan Bonnar
VS Kyle Kingsbury
Expert Who When How Why
AJ Kingsbury  Goes The Distance Dec.
Brett Bonnar Rd 2 Sub. Just love the psycho
Chris Bonnar Goes The Distance Dec. Bonnar, do I remember him? Isn’t he an announcer now..
Eric Bonnar Rd 2 TKO I always try to pull for my MMA doppleganger
Jeremy Bonnar Goes The Distance Split Dec. Both of these guys like to have a good old-fashioned punching contest, and that’s exactly what you’re going to see here. Bonnar will do just enough to edge the ever-improving Kingsbury.
Lance Kingsbury Goes The Distance Dec. Goes the distance…??
Mike Bonnar Goes The Distance Split Dec. I think the UFC threw the good ole’ company man a bone here in giving Stephan Bonnar this televised and very winnable fight against Kyle Kingsbury. Granted, Bonnar has won his last two bouts in a row so this fight isn’t entirely based on past merit. Likewise, Kingsbury has quietly won his past 4 UFC bouts while having two FOTN performances. Impressive stuff actually but I still think the American Psycho takes this one.
Ragan Bonnar Rd 3 TKO Both guys have great Muay-Thai with Bonnar having an advantage in boxing.  Bonnar has proven he can take a punch and withstand a war.  He will have to take the punishment from Kingsbury at the early part of the fight but as Kingsbury tires, Bonnar takes advantage.
Rich Kingsbury Goes The Distance Split Dec. How much does Barry’s stache weigh at this point?

Martin Kampmann
VS Rick Story
Expert Who When How Why
AJ Story  Goes The Distance Dec.
Brett Story Rd 3 TKO
Chris Kampmann Goes The Distance Dec.
Eric Story Goes The Distance Split Dec. Not sure why, but I have a gut feeling that this is going to be fight of the night.
Jeremy Story Goes The Distance Dec. Kampmann is at his best when he can set his own pace and control the tempo in a fight. He won’t be able to do that against Story, who will constantly put pressure on Kampmann and grind him out.
Lance Story Rd 2 TKO Interesting fight, kampmann hasn’t been on such a great streak recently, bbut he did have a couple of tough fights… will he come back stronger or is his confidence affected??
Mike Story Goes The Distance Dec. Rick “The Horror” Story was supposed to be the next big thing at welterweight before running into Charlie Brenneman this past June. Likewise, Martin Kampmann was also on his way up prior to losing to two tough grapplers in Jake Shields and Diego Sanchez. The Danish Hitman is always tough but Story’s a hard hitter  and better equipped to control this one if it goes all three. That’s how I see this one going.
Ragan Kampmann Rd 2 Sub. Story is going to pressure Kampmann and try to keep standing.  Kampmann will trade punches with him until he starts to get hit then take it to the ground for a submission.
Rich Kampmann Rd 2 TKO The Dutch are coming!!!!

Urijah Faber
VS Brain Bowles
Expert Who When How Why
AJ Faber Rd 2 Sub.
Brett Faber Goes The Distance Dec. Faber gets back
Chris Faber Goes The Distance Dec.
Eric Faber Goes The Distance Dec.
Jeremy Faber Goes The Distance Dec. Faber’s frenetic pace and wrestling will be enough to keep him away from Bowles and his deadly hands.
Lance Faber Rd 2 Sub. Nice fight, two tough guys and great fighters, should be a goiod un…i give faber the nod, but could be close
Mike Faber Goes The Distance Dec. Brian Bowles is one tough customer with only one loss to the current champ in the division but he’s fighting Urijah in NorCal. He very cool but it’s hard to pick Urijah to lose here.
Ragan Faber Goes The Distance Dec. Faber is the more dynamic fighter with his speed, crazy striking, and world class wrestling.  Bowles is a solid striker so Faber will have to time his shot to avoid getting caught.  I think he will be successful with his wrestling and keep Bowles on his back for the majority of the fight.
Rich Faber Goes The Distance Split Dec. This is the most exciting fight on the card. The winner will most likely get another shot at the current 135lb champion Dominick Cruz. Faber will have the speed and wrestling advantage while Bowles has the power and the reach..Look for Urijah to keep a fast pace and try to keep Bowles grounded to avoid the big right hand.

Wanderlei Silva
VS Cung Le
Expert Who When How Why
AJ Le Rd 2 TKO
Brett Le Rd 1 KO Head kick baby!!!!
Chris Silva Rd 2 TKO Experience and a solid chin!
Eric Silva Rd 1 TKO Silva will be the hardest hitter to date that Cung Le has ever faced. If he can not keep Silva at distance with kicks, this will end quickly.
Jeremy Le Rd 1 KO Silva’s chin is just too much of a question mark, and it might only take one clean shot from Le to finish the fight.
Lance Le Goes The Distance Dec. err wow, I really have no idea… I suspect it may got the distance.
Mike Le Rd 2 KO This is another match-up problem for the aging Wanderlei Silva. He faced one of those in his last fight and the result was a vicious KO at the hands of Chris Leben. Now he faces another tough match-up stylistically with the hard-kicking Cung Le. Wanderlei’s lost 6 out of his last 8 fights. Win or lose, it’s time for him to go out with his shield or on it after this one. With that in mind, I expect Cung Le to win by spectacular highlight reel KO in this one to send Silva into retirement for his own good.
Ragan Silva  Rd 1 TKO Which Silva will show up?  It all depends on if the dominating Silva is still accessible or if his last few fights have taken that out of him.  If he doesn’t fight smart and continues to move forward, Le will pick him apart with those leg kicks.  Silva does have more power than Le, able to finish the fight with one strike, so Le also has to be careful and not get into a war like he did with Scott Smith.  Silva has the better ground game if it ever goes there also.
Rich Le  Rd 2 TKO Only Jackie Chan could defeat Cung Lee…or Scott Smith…

Mauricio Rau
VS Dan Henderson
Expert Who When How Why
AJ Henderson  Goes The Distance Dec.
Brett Rua Rd 2 TKO Has the most to prove
Chris Henderson Rd 1 TKO Just because he’s my favorite and has an excellent clinch which will neutralize Shogun. oh and knockout power in that right!
Eric Henderson Rd 2 KO 4 out of the last 5 wins from Hendo have come via KO. Gotta ride the Patriot Bomb while it is hot.
Jeremy Henderson Rd 2 TKO Rua’s conditioning is always a question, and that’s not the case with Henderson. Look for Dan to grind his way inside using his greco clinch, then open up on Rua and eventually drop him with that nasty right hand.
Lance Henderson Rd 2 TKO Shogun isn’t a fighter I think of when I think “does well against wrestlers’, i suspect he’ll get taken down and punished
Mike Henderson Rd 2 TKO Rua’s last 3 losses have been to former champs Jon Jones, Lyoto Machida, and Forrest Griffin. He’s avenged one of those so far and will look to do more in this one.  For this fight, I don’t want to be cliche and say “it all depends on which Shogun” will show up because that line is old and tired. Meanwhile, Dan Henderson is old but doesn’t seem to be tired yet as he looks to make another run. I’m a big Shogun fan but I think Henderson is a bad matchup for him with his granite chin and dynamite right hand. Come to think of it, with all due respect to Jon Jones’ blistering assault on Shogun, Henderson might be the first person to truly hurt Rua with a single shot. I expect it to come in the third round.
Ragan Henderson Rd 2 TKO Both fighters have solid chins and great submission defense.  Hendo has the H-bomb which could be the deciding factor.  Rua has lost a little since the knee surgery and appears to be a little slower.  Hendo has been the more consistent fighter lately.  Should be an exciting fight. The H-bomb decides it!
Rich Rua Goes The Distance Dec. I hope Shogun shows up and not popgun…

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