UFC 137 – Houston MMA Picks

UFC 137 is here and despite the letdown of not having GSP on the card, it’s still shaping up to be a great event. We’ve got our expert panel back again to give you their thoughts an all the action, who wins, why and how. There is still a bit of time left for you to get in on our UFC 137 fan picks contest and have a shot at winning a TCD beanie or Gi patch PLUS the option of joining the panel for our next Houston MMA picks.

And for even MORE information about the fights, including who you might want to put some scratch on, be sure and give our UFC 137 Bettor’s Guide a look.

The group is comprised of the following:

See what they think below and then feel free to chime in with your picks and predictions in the comments section.


AJ Carmont Jacoby Nijem Vera Griffin Siver
Barry Carmont Jacoby Nijem Vera Griffin Cerrone
Chris Camozzi Jacoby Downes Marshall Griffin Cerrone
Eric Carmont Jacoby Nijem Vera Griffin Cerrone
Lance Camozzi Starks Nijem Vera Palaszewski Cerrone
Mike Carmont Starks Nijem Vera Griffin Cerrone
Ragan Camozzi Jacoby Downes Vera Griffin Siver
Rich Camozzi Starks Nijem Vera Griffin Cerrone


Scott Jorgensen
VS Jeff Curran


Expert Who When How Why
AJ Jorgensen  Goes The Distance Dec. Jorgensen is on a tear lately, beating everyone not named Dominick Cruz that they have put in front of him. Curran is still solid and tough to finish, but not the elite level guy he once was.
Barry  Jorgensen  Goes The Distance Dec. Jorgensen is going to be too much for Curran. Too much experience, too much agression and too much skill.
Chris Jorgensen  Goes The Distance Dec.
Eric Jorgensen Rd 2 Sub.
Lance Curran Rd 2 Sub. Interesting fight, should be a decent brawl… I reckon Curran will pull off the sub though
Mike Jorgensen Goes The Distance Dec. Jorgensen’s a scrapper and has faced top competitor (read: Dominick Cruz) as of late while the 35 yr. old Jeff Curran has faced less-than-stellar competition in his latest comeback bid. I’m a big fan of Jeff’s from back in the day but his time has passed. Jorgensen wins this one handedly.
Ragan Jorgensen Rd 2 TKO Scott is probably the hardest hitting bantamweight fighter around. If he can avoid a quick submission from Curran, he should be able to use his power to control the fight and eventually win with those short, little arms.
Rich Jorgensen Goes The Distance Dec. Scott pushes a very fast pace and with his wrestling is solid. Curran has been around for a long time and has a very strong ground game.

Hatsu Hioki
VS George Roop
Expert Who When How Why
AJ Hioki Rd 2  Sub. I’m guessing not a lot of people were lining up to be Hioki’s first UFC opponent. George Roop… Good luck… And I say that knowing you will probably get crushed.
Barry Roop Rd 1 KO I thik Roop gets lucky in this one and catches Hioki slippin’
Chris Hioki Rd 2 Sub. Hioki is tricky and will catch Roop
Eric Roop Rd 1 TKO Woop for Roop
Lance Roop  Goes the Distance  Dec. Roops tall, and errr Roops tall… dont think either will finish the fight but maybe a head kick KO, you never know
Mike Hioki Rd 2  Sub. One fighter is a highly-touted JMMA star and supposedly one of the best featherweights on the planet while the other can’t win two fights in a row to save his life. Roop does have a win over Chan Sun Jung but Hioki is no Korean Zombie. He’s the real deal
Ragan Hioki Rd 1  Sub. Roop has great Thai but “The Iron Broom” has one of the best chins in MMA. Once The Iron Broom gets Roop to the ground, it will be like a fish out of water for Roop. That’s Hioki’s world and he will finish it quickly from there.
Rich Hioki Rd 1  TKO Banzai!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Roy Nelson
VS Mirko Cro Cop
Expert Who When How Why
AJ Nelson Rd 3 TKO Nelson will play it smart and not bang with Cro Cop. He will take him down and grind for a while before getting a late stoppage.
Barry Nelson Rd 2 Sub. Like I said on the podcast, Mirko is OLD! Nelson wins this going easy.
Chris Nelson Rd 2 TKO For Cro Cop to win it he would need to finish Nelson in the first round. As dangerous as Cro Cop can be Nelson has a harder head and will out last Cro Cop winning by TKO rd 2.
Eric Nelson  Goes the Distance Dec. If Roy takes this to the ground, its over. If he tries to strike with Cro Cop he will have a long day and wish he was still at Burger King.
Lance Nelson  Rd 2 TKO nelsons lost a lot of weight i think his cardio will be incredible with the weight loss… is cro cop over the hill??
Mike Nelson  Rd 1 TKO Have you guys seen that Grisley Adams beard ‘Big Country’ has been rocking this week? This guy is a character. Anyways, it’s sad to say but CroCop’s time as a UFC-caliber fighter on this earth has passed. He can’t fight going backwards and the octagon gives him fits. Roy is shorter and prime for that left kick but then again, we haven’t seen that thing fired effectively since around 2008 or so. This is Roy’s fight to lose.
Ragan Nelson  Rd 3 TKO Matchup between an aggressive “in your face” fighter (Nelson) and one that forgot how to pull the trigger (Cro Cop). Nelson has proved he can take a punch, a lot of them, and still come forward. He will continue to press the action against Cro Cop and finally finish him in the 3rd with that big, slow right hand.
Rich Nelson  Goes the Distance Dec. This could turn in to a boring boring boring fight…

Matt Mitrione
VS Cheick Kongo
Expert Who When How Why
AJ Mitrione Rd 2 TKO Kongo had an exciting finish his last time out, and it definitely has people thinking maybe he is ready to take the next step. I really like what Mitrione brings though. He will be tough enough to stand with him and can probably hold him down should he put him on the ground.
Barry Mitrione Goes the Distance Dec. I’m a Meathead, he’s a meathead, she’s a meathead, there a meathead, wouldn’t you like to be a meathead too? Kongo is no punk, but Mitrione is taking his game to a new level. This is his “prove it” fight…and I think he proves it.
Chris Mitrione Rd 1 TKO Mitrione has been on fire!
Eric Mitrione Rd 1 TKO I absolutely love the progression that we are seeing with Meathead. This is a great gatekeeper match up for him.
Lance Mitrione Rd 2 TKO both tough guys with ko potential…mittrione keeps getting better
Mike Mitrione Rd 2 TKO “Meathead” has been on the rise as of late and this will be his first true test in the hard-punching Kongo. The Frenchman sometimes has trouble against guys who can take him down and keep him there and that’s the type of fighter Mitrione is, plus he has KO power of his own and seems to have “retard strength.”
Ragan Mitrione Rd 2 TKO Mitrione has just as much power as Kongo but will have a clear advantage in wrestling and jiu-jitsu. He will frustrate Kongo in the first round with his reach and patience then go for the kill in the 2nd.
Rich Kongo Rd 1 KO Mitrione will recieve his first real test in the HWY division going up against the heavy handed Kongo. Cheick is the most accomplished striker that Mitrione has faced so far and should be able to present problems that Matt has not faced yet.

BJ Penn
VS Nick Diaz
Expert Who When How Why
AJ Penn Goes the Distance Dec. This is going to be a really good fight. Both have great boxing and great ground games. Just think BJ cares a little more.. Not that BJ cares a lot….
Barry Penn Goes the Distance S. Dec. Like everyone else, I think this is a great matchup. I give Diaz the edge standing and Penn the edge on the ground; but both are good at the other as well. This one will be close, but BJ won’t blow this. (See what I did there?)
Chris Penn Goes the Distance Dec. I think  BJ will come in to the fight in shape, and when he does, he’s tough to beat.
Eric Penn Goes the Distance Dec. Flipped a coin and it came up ?
Lance Diaz Goes the Distance Dec. Two tough guys, both have decent boxing, although i personally dont enjoy diaz s style…really anything could happen in this fight… TKO, sub,the works
Mike Penn Goes the Distance Dec. This is very close fight and I’d probably pick the other way if it were five rounds but in a three-round fight, I believe BJ Penn has the edge. Everybody will say Diaz’s boxing for MMA is much better and that may be true but BJ will be up in his face from the opening bell and has more options when it comes to taking the fight to the ground.
Ragan Penn Rd 3 TKO If Diaz starts to out box Penn, then Penn will use his wrestling to get the fight to the ground. I believe that Penn is a faster striker than Diaz, but if the length of Diaz is a problem, Penn will take it out of the equation. Penn has an unreal chin but the only question is his cardio. I still think that Penn will dominate the fight and win via TKO while on the ground.
Rich Penn Goes the Distance Dec. These two cancel each other out in most area’s. BJ should hold a power advantage and is the crisper boxer of the two. Look for Diaz to press the pace in hopes of wearin down BJ.

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