UFC 136 – In Depth: Franky Edgar vs Gray Maynard

Preview by: The Fighting Son Of Texas, Cody Phillips

Back when Strikeforce came to Houston last year, we introduced our in depth breakdown format. With UFC 136 approaching, we thought it would be a good idea to roll it out one again and give you an in depth breakdown of all the main card fights to give you an idea what to look for at the Toyota Center on Saturday night.

Part 3 in the trilogy. Maynard beat Edgar in their first matchup, but once Edgar became the champion Maynard failed to take him out when the fight resulted in a draw. These two guys are obviously very close in terms of ability, and it will likely come down to who is better on that particular night.

Pictures courtesy of Sherdog.com

Frankie Edgar Name Gray Maynard  
The Answer Nickname Bully
5’6″ Height  5’8″
155 Weight 155
13-1-1 Record 10-0-1-1
Toms River, NJ Out Of Las Vegas, NV
Gray Maynard (Draw- Split)BJ Penn (W- U Dec)

BJ Penn (W- U Dec)

Last Three Fights Frank Edgar (Draw-Split)Kenny Florian (W- U Dec.)

Nate Diaz (W- S Dec.)


Gray Maynard is a bigger stronger fighter. I don’t see much of a question here. Maynard is the stronger fighter.

 check_advantage SPEED:

The speed advantage goes to the smaller more elusive Frankie Edgar. Edgar is the tough a nails kid on the playground you can’t out hustle or CATCH.


Both fighters were talented Division I College wrestlers. Speed goes to Edgar and power goes to Maynard. Even though I believe Edgar won the wrestling battle in the last fight, I don’t think he would win a wrestling match the majority of the time against Maynard. If Maynard doesn’t gas out, like in the first round of the last fight, he will win in the wrestling category.



Edgar and Maynard are both very good strikers but definitely have contrasting styles. Maynard has very good precise hands and power. He has shown that he can put Edgar on his ass as he did four times in the previous showdown. But when he smells blood in the water he has a tendency to go after the big knockout. By pushing forward so hard you leave yourself wide open for an opponent to shoot and take you down.

In previous fights against BJ Penn, Sean Sherk, and Gray Maynard, Edgar has shown his awesome footwork and elusiveness. Edgar moves very effectively around the cage, his footwork is extremely good, continuously moving him side to side. Not to mention, Edgar’s head never stays in one place. I don’t see him knocking out Maynard, but he win probably out score Maynard if we see a striking match.


Maynard is not a master submission specialist but his wrestling gets him in the rights spots for a very good ground and pound game. He has shown us he is a strong wrestler but he has never submitted anyone in a professional fight. Both of these fighters can easily take the fight to the ground. Edgar is a BJJ brown belt under Ricardo Almeida. But Edgar will not be able to hold Maynard down, flip side, Maynard can control Edgar on the ground. Advantage goes to Maynard because of his ability to control his opponents on the ground. Don’t look for either of these guys to be submitted.

check_advantage CARDIO:

Both of these guys have phenomenal cardio. Maynard has been warned in the past about overworking himself. I can’t say who works harder behind closed doors, but I think Edgar has been gifted with a little bit different gas tank. Edgar is obviously the smaller of the two and maybe this helps him.


Maynard def. Edgar by decision



Edgar will score more with technical striking but Maynard will land the harder punches. Both guys will shoot and both with sprawl effectively. Whoever can score more by getting this fight to the ground will probably edge out a victory. As long as Gray listens to his corner and doesn’t gas out, he pulls out a close judges decision. Frankie Edgar will then drop to 145lbs even though he has done extremely well as a 155lbs fighter.