UFC 134: Recap and Pick’em Results

Written By: AJ Hoffman

The UFC’s return to Brazil proved to be an exciting one, and also served as a showcase for the native Brazilians, who went 4-1 on the main card.


Anderson Silva retained his middleweight title by TKO’ing Yushin Okami in the second round. After a mostly uneventful first round, Silva started to showcase his head movement and hand speed, toying with the bigger (and much slower) Okami before dropping him with a jab and finishing with punches and knees. The win moves him to 14-0 in the UFC and avenges his most recent loss, a 2006 disqualification to Okami.


Shogun Rua delighted the home crowd with a brutal knockout of Forrest Griffin less than two minutes into the first. Griffin was hesitant to exchange early but eventually got into a striking battle and fell awkwardly to his side and tried to cover up. Shogun quickly pounced and delivered heavy punches until the ref was forced to call a stop. The win for Rua made up for a September 2007 submission loss to Griffin.


In a back and forth matchup between two strikers, Edson Barboza got the edge over former TUF winner Ross Pearson. Both fighters landed well throughout the fight, and the first round looked good for the British figher. Barboza came on strong in the later rounds, forcing Pearson to take unsuccessful shot attempts. The final score cards all read 29-28, with two of the three in favor of Barboza. The fight was awarded “Fight of the Night”.


If you thought Minotauro Nogueira was finished, think again. After eating some heavy punches from the much faster Brendan Schaub, Nogueira landed a strong right hand that crushed Schaub, crumpling him against the fence. The followup shot dropped Schaub face first into the mat and Nogueira pounced with a couple of punches that probably weren’t necessary, but finished the fight in just over 3:00 in the first round.


Stanislav Nedkov was the only foreigner to get a win over a Brazilian fighter in Rio, and he did so in comeback fashion against Luiz Cane. Nedkov intimidated early with big overhand rights, but appeared to gas halfway through the round. Cane jumped in and landed some nice shots but one of the desperation rights landed for Nedkov and backed Cane away. Nedkov chased him and pinned him against the fence, where he finished with punches with :40 left in the first round.


  • Thiago Tavares def. Spencer Fisher by TKO (RD 2)
  • Rousimar Palhares def. Dan Miller by Unanimous Decision
  • Paulo Thiago def. David Mitchell by Unanimous Decision
  • Raphael Assuncao def. Johnny Eduardo by Unanimous Decision
  • Erick Silva def. Luis Ramos by TKO (RD 1)
  • Yuri Alcantara def. Felipe Arantes by Unanimous Decision
  • Yves Jabouin def. Ian Loveland by Unanimous Decision

Houston MMA Picks Results

Here is a look at how our Houston MMA friends did picking the fights.  The chart below shows the final standing but only the individual picks for the main card. The last row reflects the TOTAL fan vote versus our panel.

Expert Who Rd How Who Rd How Who Rd How Who Rd How Who Rd How
Chris Reed x x x x x x x 60
Barry L. x x x x x x x 55
AJ H. x x x x x x x x x 53
Rich B. x x x x 50
Andrew C. x x x x x x x 47
Eric H. x x x x x x x x 47
Mike C. x x x x 47
Ragan M. x x x x 43
4oz Dad x x x x x x 36
Lance x x x x x 35

x x x


x x x 55

*INCLUDES QUICK PICKS   |    Scoring: Who (+5) Round (+2) How (+3)
Maximum Possible Score: 80

Congratulations to Chris Reed for kicking butt this time around. Chris got all of the prelim fights right and ended up with a solid 60 points and an outstanding 10-2 record.

Fan Results

Congratulations to Frank S for winning it all this time around. Frank piled up a contest high 69 points leaving everybody else looking up at him. Frank will be invited to join us on our expert panel for UFC 135. Oh yeah, he also gets a choice of a brand spanking new TCD beanie or Gi patch!

Congratulations Frank!

Also, we wanted to point out that Guy Ring has finished in 2nd place two times in a row now and Conor Hogan has finished in 3rd two times in a row! Look out for both fo these guys for UFC 135!

Thank you to all that played!

And now, here is the TOP 25 finishers in our UFC 134 Fan Picks contest.

Place Player Total*
1 Frank S 69
2 Guy Ring 64
3 Conor Hogan 63
4 Patricio Perez 60
5 Cody Plaxco 58
6 Alfonso “Legendary” Lozano 56
7 Michael Sheppard 55
8 Tim Mousel 54

Ashlee Mahon 54
10 Ryan Bottoms 53
11 Randy Kelly 52

Santiago 52

Madison Marquardt 52
14 Tyler Flores 50

Jaime_4oz 50

Colby 50
17 Ron 48

SPK 48

Benny 48
20 A. Croon 47
21 The Bison 46
22 Cory Duncan 45
Stewart Newman 45

Lane Bell 45


*INCLUDES QUICK PICKS   |    Scoring: Who (+5) Round (+2) How (+3)
Maximum Possible Score: 80