UFC 134 – Houston MMA Picks

UFC 134, aka UFC RIO is about to go down. AJ put up his betting guide, so it’s time to find out what some of the Houston MMA community think about the card. Also joining the panel this week is our last UFC Fan Picks winner Andrew Craig and Legacy Pick’em winner 4oz Dad! There is still a bit of time left for you to get in on our UFC 134 fan picks contest and have a shot at winning a TCD beanie or Gi patch PLUS the option of joining the panel for our next Houston MMA picks.

This weeks group is comprised of the following:

See what they think below and then feel free to chime in with your picks and predictions in the comments section.








4oz Dad Tavares Miller Mitchell Assuncao Loveland Ramos Alcantares
AJ Tavares Palhares Thiago Eduardo Loveland Silva Arantes
Andrew Fisher Miller Thiago Eduardo Jabouin Silva Alcantares
Barry Tavares Palhares Thiago Assuncao Jabouin Ramos Alcantares
Chris Tavares Palhares Thiago Assuncao Jabouin Silva Alcantares
Eric Fisher Miller Thiago Assuncao Jabouin Silva Arantes
Lance Fisher Miller Thiago Assuncao Jabouin Ramos Arantes
Mike Fisher Palhares Thiago Assuncao Jabouin Silva Alcantares
Ragan Tavares Palhares Thiago Eduardo Loveland Silva Alcantares
Rich Tavares Palhares Thiago Assuncao Jabouin Silva Alcantares


Luiz Cane
VS Stanislav Nedkov
Expert Who When How Why
4oz Dad Cane Rd 2 TKO
AJ Nedkov Rd 1 TKO Haven’t seen Nedkov much, but what I have seen is impressive. I am excited for his debut in the UFC. I have seen enough of Cane to know I don’t trust him. Either way, this fight should be quick and violent. I will go with the upset pick.
Andrew Cane Rd 1 TKO Cane is a beast and will have his way with Nedkov.
Barry Cane Rd 1 TKO Cane is going to punch the beard right off of Nedkov’s face. Watch.
Chris Cane Rd 3 TKO Should be a good one here, got to go with ATT though
Eric Cane Rd 1 TKO This one is gonna end early and quickly
Lance Cane Rd 2 TKO

Cane likes to throw down, in his camp I bet his coaches got him to mix it up more..if he has he’ll be in a great place for a win

Mike Cane Rd 2 TKO Luis Cane is a Ryan Gracie black belt that’s also known as a Muay Thai striker. He’s 4-3 total in the UFC and is coming off an impressive victory over Eliot Marshall. Meanwhile, Nedkov is also a BJJ black belt and impressive striker who’s been undefeated (with wins over Kevin Randleman and Travis Wiuff) prior to making his UFC debut in this bout. These two are seemingly evenly-matched but first-timers have the disadvantage under the bright lights of the UFC. I’ll have to go with Luiz Cane for the win in this one.
Ragan Nedkov Goes The Distance Decision Cane is exciting, doesn’t go to decisions with great hands.  Nedkov has power and will have a lot of ring rust.  Ground type fighter that hasn’t fought many tough opponents.  Cane has fought better fighters and lays it all on the line.  Cane will come out swinging…but he’ll get caught.  Nedkov will take Cane down and pound him like a steak.
Rich Cane Rd 2 KO Neither of these fighters families even know they are fighting..Course no one else knows they are fighting either..I will be playing xbox during this fight

Edson Barboza
VS Ross Pearson
Expert Who When How Why
4oz Dad Barboza Goes The Distance Split Decision
AJ Barboza Goes The Distance Decision Pearson is tough enough to take the fight three full rounds, but not good enough to outpoint the dynamic Barboza.
Andrew Barboza Goes The Distance Decision

Gotta go with the Brazilian sounding name on this one.

Barry Barboza Goes The Distance Decision Barboza is stud. I have it going the distance, but it wouldn’t surprise me if he finished it early.
Chris Barboza Goes The Distance Decision
Eric Pearson Goes The Distance Decision
Lance Barboza Rd 1 TKO

Id love to go with Pearson, hes a tough Brit, but I just dont see him get the win…sorry Ross

Mike Barboza Rd 3 TKO Get ready for a barn-burner in this one as two of the UFC’s up-and-coming young strikers take the stage in a fight that could give us the coveted ‘knockout of the night’ when all is said and done. Pearson was the winner of season 9 of the Ultimate Fighter but I can’t really recall any of his memorable fights. Meanwhile, Barboza has gone 2-0 in his short stint in the UFC and is coming off an amazing win over another impressive standup artist in Anthony Njokuani. The Brazilian is faster and most explosive than the Brit by a long shot. Look for that to be the difference late as this one should end with an exciting finish.
Ragan Barboza Rd 2 TKO Shouldn’t go to the ground much, will be a striking war.  Will Pearson show up drunk?  He sure is a lot funnier when he’s drunk.  Barboza will be faster and bigger, showing much more power than Pearson.  Barboza will not be bullied and his striking will control the fight.
Rich Pearson Goes The Distance Split Decision Barboza has a stupid name..Ross is going to beat him like he stole Pearsons favorite gay porno..Nothing wrong with that..Side not it was called Ramming Ratichek

Brendan Schaub
VS Minotauro Nogueira
Expert Who When How Why
4oz Dad Schaub Goes The Distance Split Decision
AJ Schaub Goes The Distance Decision I think Schaub is too smart to mess around on the ground with Nog, and he should dominate the rest. Look for a very unpopular, but deserved decision win.
Andrew Nogueira Rd 2 Submission The time away has more than likely helped Big Nog, so I think he will come into this fight fresh. Schaub will over commit at some point at which Nog will drag him down and start to tie him up.
Barry Schaub Rd 1 TKO Nog is tough, but this hasn’t been a great year for the “old school” guys. I think that bad luck continues in this fight.
Chris Schaub Goes The Distance Decision Schaub is moving in the right direction right now and really on his game
Eric Nogueira Rd 2 Submission Second match in a row that Schaub is facing  a former Pride star, that is a little long in the tooth. However, I don’t see Schaub knocking out, nor submitting, Minotauro. If he makes any kind of mistake against Big Nog, Schaub will lose. Interesting fact tho, Big Nog has only one of his four wins in the UFC, has come from him in finishing his opponent. With this tight of a rope that Brendan has to walk, I think he is going to make a mistake and Nogueira is going to catch him.
Lance Schaub Rd 2 TKO Schaub is a fighter who really improves… never underestimate Nog, he can pull out a win, but I give the nod to schaubs athleticism
Mike Schaub Rd 3 TKO Old-school meets new-school in a way with this one. No matter what happens in Brazil, “Minotauro” will always be known as one of the greatest fighters ever to have graced the mats in the sport of MMA. But the sport is passing him by. At 35-years old, it’s looking more and more like he’ll join his contemporaries Mirko Crocop and Fedor Emelianenko as legends on the verge of retirement. He’s lost two out of his last three heading into this one and faces a top heavyweight in well-rounded Brendan Schaub – a former TUF finalist heading into this bout looking for his fifth win in a row. As sad as it will be, look for Schaub to exploit the fast-aging Minotauro’s chin en route to the victory.
Ragan Schaub Rd 2 TKO Nog is on his way out as Schaub is on his way up.  Nog is like a walking infirmary that has trouble getting out of bed to drink his ensure.  Schaub will control the fight starting at the weigh in.  He will pick Nog apart with his stand up and do so pretty easily.
Rich Schaub Rd 2 KO Big Nog has the face of an 80 year old who has layed in the sun most of his life while randomly cutting his face with broken shards of glass. Schaub should be receiving crap for his plan of assisted suicide on Big Nog.

Shogun Rua
VS Forrest Griffin
Expert Who When How Why
4oz Dad Rua Rd 1 KO
AJ Rua Rd 2 TKO When Griffin beat Shogun the first time I think that Rua was still not ready to return to action. This may be the case again, but I believe Rua at 75% is better than Forrest.
Andrew Rua Rd 3 KO I see Forrest controlling the fight early, but Shogun getting a late fight KO via hands and knees.
Barry Rua Goes The Distance Decision Rua is on a mission and I think he has something to prove. If you don’t know what that means, ask Machida about fighting a Rua who has something to prove.
Chris Rua Goes The Distance Decision After reading a few interviews lately I don’t think Forrest has his head straight right now.
Eric Rua Rd 1 TKO When Shogun fought against Griffin the first time, he looked exhausted and slow. Pretty much how he looked against Jones. Both of those have in common, aside from Shogun not looking good, is that he was also coming off of knee surgery in both of those matches. In the following match, after Griffin, he came out looking like the Shogun we know. I expect that here.
Lance Rua Goes The Distance Decision

Griffin has been a bit touch and go.. will he have invigorated his fight camp… I give Rua the advantage on the feet…will it be a tko or a decision..i’ll go decision

Mike Rua Rd 1 KO I’m going to go on record here and say there is absolutely no way this one will go down like their first fight. Not entirely anyways. Forrest will still come in and charge Rua hard in his trademark gritty style. He’ll try to use his size to wear on the Brazilian until he can get him to fold like he did in 2007. As for Shogun, I look for him to show up to this fight in shape. If he does, he’ll do well to play a smart fight against Griffin and pick him apart from the outside until he gets his own opportunity to come in. When he gets that opportunity, he’ll be going for the finish.
Ragan Griffin Goes The Distance Decision How is Shogun’s knee?  He looked terrible in his last fight and got dominated.  What gameplan will Forrest come in with?  He dominated Franklin and will be MUCH bigger than Shogun.  He will use his cardio to wear down Shogun and dominate the fight, getting in and out quick…and take Shogun down and keep him there when he’s ready.
Rich Rua Goes The Distance Decision Rua will suck just a little bit less in a battle of fighters with very little future in the sport.. Forrest is as good as he will ever be and that means he is just still average. Rua’s knees are worse than a verteran Montrose streetwalker and after the face rape he recieved from Jones he should look into bowling as a job.

Anderson Silva
VS Yushin Okami
Expert Who When How Why
4oz Dad Silva Rd 2 Submission just a hunch
AJ Silva Goes The Distance Decision I think Okami is an interesting matchup for Silva. He is one of the few guys he has gone against who is stronger than him physically. I think it is enough to slow Silva down, but not beat him in the long run.
Andrew Silva Rd 2 KO

Isn’t it obvious. It’s Anderson Silva

Barry Silva Rd 2 TKO He knocks people out with his TOES. HIS TOES!!!!
Chris Silva Rd 2 TKO Because Silva is so elusive, not that its a good thing but it is what it is.
Eric Silva Rd 2 TKO The Spider is on another planet. His loss to Okami 5 years ago was a DQ loss while Anderson was in control of the match. While I don’t expect a front face kick to end this one… you never really know
Lance Silva Rd 2 TKO

Ok so Okami is being really hyped, someone has to end the silva gravey train… but Okami? It has to happen sometime but I dont think now is the time..

Mike Silva Goes The Distance Decision To me, Okami is like a poor man’s Chael Sonnen. He’s strong as an ox at middleweight, an above-average wrestler, and just decent everywhere else. Meanwhile, Anderson Silva at this point is undoubtedly the best in the world. Aside from his DQ against Okami, he’s only lost a few other times – by slick submissions way earlier in his career. Nowadays he’s the one pulling those types of moves off on his opponents. Anderson may not put out Okami via a snap front kick to the face like he did Vitor but somehow he will find a way.
Ragan Silva Rd 4 TKO Part two.  This is a much better matchup than most people think.  Okami won the last fight…by getting KO’d…and disqualified.  Silva has lost 3 to Japanese fighters.  This will be like Carnival in the arena.  Okami is similar to Sonnen in the way he can get the fight to the ground.  But Silva is back.  He is on a different level than ANY other fighter…he’s still the man and will show it again.
Rich Silva Rd 2 TKO Anderson will leave Okami looking like one of the Hiroshima victims when he is through dancing on his face.