UFC 133 – Houston MMA Picks

UFC 133 is upon us so we thought that since AJ released his betting guide, we’d also let you know what others from around the Houston MMA community think about the card. Also joining the panel this week is our last UFC Fan Picks winner, Jamie! There is still a bit of time left for you to get in on our UFC 133 fan picks contest and have a shot at winning a TCD beanie or Gi patch PLUS the option of joining the panel for our next Houston MMA picks.

This weeks group is comprised of the following:

See what they think below and then feel free to chime in with your picks and predictions in the comments section.








AJ Bradley Brown Hendricks Pace Mendes Hamill
Barry Natal Brown Pierce Pace Mendes Hamill
Eric Bradley Phan Pierce Pace Mendes Hamill
Jaime Bradley Brown Hendricks Menjivar Mendes Gustafsson
Lance Bradley Brown Pierce Menjivar Yahya Gustafsson
Mike Natal Phan Hendricks Pace Mendes Gustafsson
Ragan Natal Brown Hendricks Menjivar Mendes Gustafsson
Rich Natal Phan Hendricks Pace Mendes Hamill


Rory MacDonald
VS Mike Pyle
Expert Who When How Why
AJ MacDonald Rd 2 TKO
Barry MacDonald Rd 2 TKO After what he did to Diaz, you gotta go with Ole MacDonald in this one.
Eric MacDonald Rd 2 TKO MacDonald won very convincingly over Nate Diaz, even though it went to decision.
Jaime MacDonald Rd 2 TKO Macdonald, I love this kid! He keeps improving everytime we see him, and after the beating he gave Diaz, I say he finishes Pyle in the 2nd!
Lance MacDonald Rd 2 TKO

have to go MacDonald, pyles been around the block and is no slouch, but my nod goes to the Tristar prodigy

Mike MacDonald Rd 3 TKO I believe Rory MacDonald is one of the most well-rounded. top young fighters in the world. I expect Mike Pyle to test him early but also expect talent to win out in this one.
Ragan MacDonald Goes the Distance Decision Both are well rounded fighters with Pyle having the advantage on the ground.  MacDonald has the advantage striking.  MacDonald is the “more rounded” of the two fighters and comfortable wherever the fight goes.  I think MacDonald wins a boring fight of takedowns and defending submissions.
Rich MacDonald Goes the Distance Decision The power of youth will prevail
Jorge Rivera
VS Constantinos Philippou
Expert Who When How Why
AJ Philippou Goes the Distance Decision
Barry Rivera Rd 2 KO At least we won’t have to hear boo’s from the idiots in the crowd that start that crap as soon as the fight goes to the canvas. This will be a stand up battle and somebody should get KTFO early. I think that somebody is Philippou.
Eric Rivera Goes the Distance Decision Ranger up!
Jaime Rivera Rd 1 TKO BOOM! Here’s our slugfest! This goes to whoever lands the cleanest punch first but I’ll go with the more experienced Rivera
Lance Rivera Rd 1 TKO

Um… not too interested in this…I think the veteran rivera will finish it by tko if phillipou cant sub him

Mike Rivera Rd 1 TKO Costantinos Philippou is a late replacement but not in the same class as the guy he’s replacing, Alessio Sakara. Expect Jorge Rivera to outclass him on his feet and get the inevitable victory.
Ragan Rivera Rd 1 TKO This should be a good stand up battle between two good strikers.  Philippou is replacing Sakara, but it won’t change.  The old man Rivera will still win the same way…with his hands.
Rich Rivera Rd 1 KO Ranger UP
Brian Ebersole
VS Dennis Hallman
Expert Who When How Why
AJ Ebersole Goes the Distance Decision
Barry Ebersole Goes the Distance Decision I see this one grinding to a decision.
Eric Ebersole Goes the Distance Decision Ebersole is on an 8 fight win streak. He will carry enough kryptonite on him to win himself another decision against 63 fight veteran “Superman” Hallman.
Jaime Ebersole Goes the Distance Decision If anything, I expect to be entertained! How can you not like Ebersole! I see him karate chopping, back kicking and chest hair dazzling his way to a decision victory.
Lance Ebersole Goes the Distance Split Decision

Interesting matchup…battle of the veterans… both guys have solid records and tbh Im not sure who will pull it off… Ebersoles tough to put away, but hallmans no slouch… ive got it going to decision unless hallman pulls off some catch wrestling wizardry.

Mike Ebersole Goes the Distance Decision It’s all decisions so far. These two have literally over 100 fights between them. Hallman is the better submission fighter but Ebersole can do well controlling from the top. He’s also got a little more thread left in his tires and should win out in this one.
Ragan Ebersole Goes the Distance Decision Who?  This is on the main card but Mendes and Yahya is on the undercard?  Ok, let me sound intelligent.  Ebersole is solid, Hallman is solid, but Ebersole is more dynamic of the two fighters.  If Ebersole can avoid the takedown, he’ll use his stand up to dominate the fight.
Rich Ebersole Rd 2 Submission Ebersole is a very entertaining fighter and this will be a good challenge for him.
Vitor Belfort
VS Yoshihiro Akiyama
Expert Who When How Why
AJ Belfort Rd 1 TKO
Barry Belfort Rd 3 TKO I love watching Belfort fight. He’s a dynamic and exciting, but Akiyama is no joke. Look for Belfort to come out on a mission in this one and use good takedown defense to keep it standing.
Eric Belfort Rd 1 TKO Hopefully Vitor doesn’t have any flashbacks of that front face kick (i think i just invented a name for a move?) that he received courtesy of Anderson Silva and Steven Seagal.
Jaime Belfort Rd 2 TKO I think Vitor will come back hungry enough to finish off Akiyama in the middle of the second with his superior striking
Lance Belfort Rd 2 TKO

This is a tough one, good fight actually, two tough guys, Vitors a little hit and miss sometimes, but I think he’ll pull this one off..

Mike Belfort Goes the Distance Decision Vitor’s first fight back since getting karate kid kicked by “The Spyder.” He looked good in that fight before getting caught and has won five in a row. Meanwhile, Akiyama’s picked up three FOTN bonuses in a row. He might catch another one here but Vitor will probably handle him the entire time.
Ragan Belfort Rd 1 TKO Where will this fight end up?  Standing/ground?  Vitor has the better standup but Akiyama has a very strong chin.  This fight should stay standing with Vitor having better wrestling but Akiyama is a judo master.  Cardio will be yet another issue with the Japanese fighter, so I think Vitor outlasts…
Rich Akiyama Rd 2 TKO Sexyama….Thats all that needs to be said
Rashad Evans
VS Tito Ortiz
Expert Who When How Why
AJ Evans Rd 2 TKO
Barry Evans Goes the Distance Decision Que the music…NA NA – NA NA NA NA – HEEEEE-EHHH-EHHH – GOOOOOOD BYYYEEEEE. The end of an era and the exit of a legend. I’ve never been a huge Ortiz fan, but even I can’t deny what he’s done for the sport. He’ll be missed because I see Rashad dominating him in this one and not making any stupid mistakes that could cost him the fight. Tito is tough and Evans is boring so this will go the distance.
Eric Evans Rd 2 TKO Lightning cant strike twice can it?
Jaime Evans Goes the Distance Decision I think Rashad can nullify Tito’s wrestling game and his stand up has improved enough that he can dance and pick at Tito for 3 rounds. I expect a snoozer but I’m hoping for fireworks.
Lance Evans Rd 1 TKO

OK, i went against ortiz last time and was proved wrong, now if he beats rashad hes legit, and i will sit mouth open all night

Mike Evans Goes the Distance Decision My intuition tells me to pick Tito Ortiz in this one for part-2 of his improbable return act but we’ve seen what that’s gotten me lately. Big stinkin’ goose eggs in the points column. This time I’m picking with logic and common sense says Evans is stronger, faster, and more durable than Tito at this point.
Ragan Evans Goes the Distance Decision The first fight was a draw.  Which Tito will show up?  The healthy one or the injury prone one…we shall see.  If Tito is back to being 100%, he’s close to unstoppable, BUT Rashad is a beast.  Their games mirror each other but Rashad has the advantage in the area of boxing.  As much as I HATE doing this, I have to go with Shad…
Rich Evans Goes the Distance Split Decision Rashard will have some ring rust after his layoff but he has improved enough since the first fight to be able to handle Tito. While the return of Tito is a great story he will be a step slower than Rashard and will not be able to enforce his takedown game.