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UFC is back baby! For the 128th time. Well, when you put it like that, it doesn’t sound as cool. ANYWAY…TheCageDoor.net has put together a group of Houston’s smartest MMA prognosticators. Unfortunately, they weren’t available, so we had to go with these dudes:


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UFC 126 Fan Pick’em Contest Winner

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Adam S. Cane Njokuani Almeida Pellegrino Benavidez
Adam V. Cane Njokuani Almeida Pellegrino Benavidez
AJ Cane Barboza Almeida Pellegrino Benavidez
A.R. Marshall Barboza Almeida Pellegrino Benavidez
Chris Cane Barboza Pyle Tibau Benavidez
Eric Cane Barboza Almeida Pellegrino Loveland
Justin Cane Njokuani Almeida Pellegrino Benavidez
Lance Marshall Barboza Pyle Pellegrino Benavidez
Macaco Marshall Barboza Pyle Tibau Benavidez
Mike Marshall Barboza Almeida Pellegrino Benavidez
Ragan Cane Barboza Almeida Pellegrino Benavidez
Rich Cane Barboza Almeida Pellegrino Benavidez
Ryan Cane Barboza Pyle Pellegrino Benavidez
Sam Cane Njokuani Almeida Tibau Benavidez

Number in parenthesis is the number of panel members who picked that fighter.

Brendan Schaub
VS Mirko Cro Cop

Expert Who When How Why
Adam S. Schaub Rd 3 TKO Mirko is on a downhill road
Adam V. Cro Cop Rd 2 TKO I think this is CroCop’s last battle. I don’t think he’ll end his career on a lull and I feel this ‘Simba Vs Mufasa’ style match up will bring the left kick out of retirement for one last dance.
AJ Schaub Goes the Distance Decision I am torn. This is one of my old favorites against one of my new favorites. I think Schaub will be leery to mix it up too much, as Cro Cop is still dangerous. I don’t think that his style is going to work against Schaub though. He gasses out easily and I think this might be the last time we see Cro Cop.
A.R. Schaub Goes the Distance Decision I think Brendan Schaub has looked great as of late and has greatly improved in his stand-up while Cro-Cop hasnt been the same killer inside a cage as he was inside the ring
Chris Schaub Rd 2 TKO Crop Cop just hasn’t been the same lately, Schaub will come out aggressive, and push the pace.
Eric Schaub Rd 1 TKO Bitter end to a storied career. Brendan Schaub has the tools to finish this fight quickly and will do so.
Justin Schaub Rd 1 TKO I hate to say it but I think Cro Cop is way past his prime.  Brendan is young and aggressive and I think he will put Mirko away early.
Lance Schaub Rd 2 TKO Id love cro cop to win,  but hes been a little off and on recently, schaub contin ues to grow as a fighter, his athleticism and ability to learn is impressive. Its on this basis that i went for scaub, i think the tko will coem from gnp tho
Macaco Cro Cop Rd 2 KO
Mike Schaub Rd 1 Decision I’ve always marked out for CroCop but he’s on the downside of his career while Brendan Schaub is going the other way after his lone loss against the big-bellief one, Roy Nelson, four  fights ago. I like the way those guys work up at Easton’s gym in Boulder and I think Schaub will be able to take this one.
Ragan Schaub Rd 2 TKO Schaub has a bright future and will be hungrier than the worn down Cro Cop.  Schaub will use his youthful energy and BIG reach advantage to TKO the old man.
Rich Schaub Rd 2 TKO Cro-Cop has yet to look comfortable in the cage and is to slow to catch the ever improving Schaub. Brendan is a very athletic up and comer and has more ways to win this fight than cro-cop does. Hopefully this will be the end of the cro-cop UFC run
Ryan Cro Cop Rd 2 TKO I have always wanted to see Filopovich do well in the UFC. He’s still talented and he’s till hungry. TKO via HEADKICK w/ striked
Sam Schaub Rd 1 KO Crocop is now getting money without enhancements.

Nate Marquardt
VS Dan Miller

Expert Who When How Why
Adam S. Marquardt Goes the Distance Decision Just think Nate will have the better game plan and execute it better
Adam V. Marquardt Rd 1 Submission Simply put, there’s no title on the line. History has shown Marquardt excel when there’s no title or title contention pressure. He will flourish because of this.
AJ Marquardt Rd 1 TKO Nate needs a bounce back, and he is going up against the lesser Miller. Too strong. I see him thrashing him from Miller’s guard.
A.R. Marquardt Goes the Distance Decision With the great team and trainers behind marquart i believe he is one of the top 3 middleweights and will be for a long time
Chris Marquardt Goes the Distance Decision One of the closest matchups on the card, and really hard to say how the fight will go to the ground much or be a toe to toe slugfest. So I’ll stay safe by taking Marquardt by decision.
Eric Marquardt Goes the Distance Decision I see this fight being on the ground a ton.
Justin Marquardt Goes the Distance Decision Cant see Dan Miller outstriking, clinching or grappling Nate Marquardt.
Lance Marquardt Goes the Distance Decision Miller is tough as nails, and nate is a bag of nails… im sure we’ll get a great fight, although a expect a fair amount will be spent on the floor, if miller cant pull off a sub, and marq cant finish him i think it will go to decision with nate grindingt it out
Macaco Marquardt Rd 1 Submission
Mike Marquardt Goes the Distance Decision Dan Miller only recently started turning things around after a rough patch in his personal life that coincided with three losses in a row to top middleweights. Nate has been up and down himself facing pretty much the same competition but gets the edge here by virtue of experience.
Ragan Marquardt Goes the Distance Decision Nate is one of the most well-rounded fighters in MMA and has superior striking and ground.  Maia was very successful with his strikes against Miller and Nate is a better striker than Maia.  Look for Nate to dominate all areas but not finish Miller, winning an easy decision.
Rich Marquardt Goes the Distance Decision Dan Miller is an all around bad ass but needs this fight to end up on the ground. Nate wins almost any fight that is not a #1 contender fight or a title fight. Nate is good at all aspects of the fight game but does not excel with the killer instinct. Hope to see the Great have an impressive showing.
Ryan Marquardt Rd 3 KO Dan Miller is tough but Nate is tougher. He’ll KO him 3rd after feeling him out with exchanges.
Sam Marquardt Goes the Distance Decision Nate should have his way.

Jim Miller
VS Kamal Shalorus

Expert Who When How Why
Adam S. Miller Goes the Distance Decision Jim Miller Superior Striking, Kamal is hard to submit and has great wrestling, but I think Miller can keep it standing and pick him apart.
Adam V. Miller Rd 1 TKO Jim Miller has a stellar record in the Ocatgon. WIth wins over fighters like, Oliveira, Tibau, Bocek, Ludwig, and Danzig (thanks Wiki), he has proven that he can handle the big names on the big stage. Shalorus is still in a very early stage in his career and hasn’t faced the caliber of competition MIller has.
AJ Miller Rd 2 Submission Miller got an impressive win against Charles Oliveira last time out. I keep expecting them to push him into the title picture, but apparently they prefer to use him as a gatekeeper. He will do his job in this one.
A.R. Miller Goes the Distance Decision Kamal Shalorus is a great wrestler and swings for the fences but i believe jim miller is well rounded enough to keep this fight at his pace
Chris Shalorous Rd 3 TKO Another good matchup on paper here but I think Kamal’s takedowns and G&P will be too much for Miller. Miller is a great striker, but don’t  forget Kamal, although not as crisp ,has Hendo power.
Eric Shalorous Goes the Distance Decision Hopefully no more kicks to the groin from Shalorus.
Justin Miller Goes the Distance Decision Jim Miller is the definition of a grinder.  I see this as a smothering back and forth with Miller getting the best of it
Lance Miller Rd 2 Submission shalorus is a tough guy, but I think if the fight goes on he’ll gas, Miller is an excellent fighter and technically skilled, if Shalorous can beat Miller down early, he tends to make more mistakes as he tires…I have Miller for the sub
Macaco Miller Goes the Distance Decision
Mike Miller Goes the Distance Decision Kamal Shalorus is a Texas favorite for sure and defies space-and-time as an ageless wonder. It’s no surprise that they call him “The Prince of Persia” since the man literally does not have a birth date, relying instead of amazing condition and wrestling skills to beat the clock.He’s facing a tough test in Miller, who at 19-2 has only lost to Maynard and Edgar, the top 2 contenders in the UFC 155 class.I’ll be pulling for the undefeated Kamal but Miller definitely walks in as an overwhelming favorite in this one.
Ragan Miller Rd 1 Submission Kamal beat Varner and someone I’ve never heard of.  Miller is on a roll and will embarrass Kamal as he takes him to the ground very early.  The only way Kamal has a chance is to swing wildly and connect, which I don’t think will happen.
Rich Miller Rd 2 Submission Kamal has world class wreslting but will want to try and draw Miller into a brawl. Miller is sick on the ground and will have to avoid the wide swinging hammers Kamal will surely throw his way.
Ryan Miller Goes the Distance Decision Miller will work his wrestling and BJJ background. I’m expecting an active “lay and pray” that goes the distance.
Sam Shalorous Rd 3 TKO Go Texas!!!

Urijah Faber
VS Eddie Wineland

Expert Who When How Why
Adam S. Faber Rd 2 Submission

Urijah submits Wineland in a scramble, like he does most guys

Adam V. Faber Rd 2 Submission

The California Kid will reign supreme. Nuff said!

AJ Faber Rd 2 Submission

Wineland just isn’t on Urijah’s level. Not saying that he is what he was 3 years ago, but the UFC wants to keep his star shining, and this is a good matchup to make that happen.

A.R. Faber Goes the Distance Decision Eddie Wineland is a great boxer but “The California Kid” has the better wrestling and cardio so this fight is dictated by his pace and ability to keep the fight where he wants it wether it be standing or on the ground
Chris Faber Rd 2 Submission

The pace of this fight should be relentless.  Although I see Faber winning by submission he better keep that chin tucked in the first. in the second I see Fabers G&P opening up a submission.

Eric Faber Rd 2 Submission Urijah Faber is hungry for a title shot. A submission win here put him straight into the mix.
Justin Faber Rd 2 Submission Eddie has not lost in almost 2 years so he comes into this fight looking very impressive. Only problem is Urijah Faber is not your average “George Roop.”  I think this could be the fight of the night with Urijah pulling off an exciting sub.
Lance Faber Rd 3 KO Faber… what can i say, a great fighter to watch…i suspect he’ll be reinvigorated with the move to the ufc and the change in weight class as well… expect a great fight
Macaco Faber Rd 3 Submission
Mike Faber Rd 2 Submission We’ve waited years for Urijah Faber to get his first taste of victory in the octagon but we won’t have to wait much longer. Wineland is fresh off four wins in a row but I don’t think he’ll be able to weather the fury of the California Kid.
Ragan Faber Rd 2 Submission Faber looks like he’s found his dominate self again but this time at 135.  While Wineland will be quicker, I think Faber will get Wineland down to the mat repeatedly and finally secure a submission mid-2nd round.  Faber is BACK!!!
Rich Faber Goes the Distance Decision Urijah Faber is in a slow part of his career. 3-3 in his last 6 Faber needs to get back to the unpredictable striker that he had his most success with.
Ryan Faber Rd 1 KO The California Kid is going to rock NYC and Eddie Wineland
Sam Faber Goes the Distance Decision

They know eachother to well.

Shogun Rua
VS Jon Jones

Expert Who When How Why
Adam S. Jones Rd 3 TKO

Jon Jones is the next big thing, I think, his length unorthodox striking and excellent wrestling win this fight

Adam V. Rua Rd 4 KO

I’ve been torn on this one like a man pining over a lost love. There’s no doubt that Jones is the new mold of what a fighter will and should be but something tells me history will lends itself toward the victory of Shogun. Does Jones derserve a title shot this soon? It certainly is debatable but it’s definitely exciting. Jones says he’ll beat Shogun in the clinch and that raises my eyebrows. I feel he will step into a realm that belongs to Shogun and be reprimanded and educated in doing so. He needs to stick with his Superhero moves to win. Otherwise Shogun takes it.

AJ Rua Rd 3 TKO

A lot of people don’t realize that Shogun was maybe more of a beast than Jones is now when he was younger. Injuries slowed him down, and the casual fan probably remembers lackluster showings against Griffin and Coleman more than the guy who thrashed Rampage, Arona and Overeem (twice). He is only 29, so save me the washed up stuff. He is healthy, and I don’t pick against a healthy Shogun.

A.R. Jones Goes the Distance Decision “Shogun” looked great against Lyoto Machida but Machida doesn’t have the wresting that Jon Jones has and Rua has had a few surgeries on his knee now so i think Jones can take Rua down and stay out of submissions enough to grind out a decision or even submit “Shogun” himself
Chris Jones Rd 3 TKO

Although Rua has the resume on this one, he is coming off a series of injuries. Jones is so athletic and unpredictiable and his pace is non-stop. This is a bad matchup for Rua or at least bad timing. The Referee will step in to save Rua in the 3rd and Jones takes the belt.

Eric Rua Goes the Distance Decision As much as I want Jon Jones to win and become champion, the experience gap between these two is ginormous. One day Jon Jones will become champion, but I do not think it is this day. My heart wants him to win, but my brain is telling me that it isn’t his time right now… it will be soon though after this match.
Justin Jones Rd 4 TKO I dont think JJ will beat Shogun like he has his other oppenents but I do see him still winning. I think he will try and wear down Shogun the first three rounds and turn it up in the 4th and 5th.
Lance Rua Rd 4 TKO Two  great strikers… who both have ground game, i went with shogun for the nod, he always puts on a great fight… this was the hardest matchup for me to think about… jones grows consistently, so we will have to see if hes upped his game enough to take out the veteran shogun
Macaco Rua Rd 4 KO
Mike Rua Rd 3 TKO Shoguan Rua is NOT the odds on pick to win this fight based on logic and all the bookmakers but damnit, I’m picking him to win anyways! He’s beaten Machida, Liddell, Arona, etc. and has KO’d Alistair Overeem, Rampage, and others in his career. All this and he’s only 29. Let the kid (Jones) prove himself before I anoint him the savior of MMA like the rest of you bandwagon riders out there! 🙂
Ragan Jones Rd 3 Submission Jones will have a 10+ inch reach advantage and Shogun is coming off yet another surgery.  If Jones can avoid those leg kicks, I think he dominates the fight and wins via submission, similar to what Forrest did…
Rich Rua Rd 2 TKO Jones is the future of MMA. He is an absolute freak in all aspects of the game and he has yet to be challenged by anyone. Rua is being written off as the old champion but he is only 29 years old and has the experience of being in many high pressure fights already. Very hard to pick against Jones..But dammit I am going to
Ryan Rua Rd 2 TKO I must admit, I want to see Jon Jones leave the cage with his hands up, but Shogun has the experience and skill to take him out. I normally pick “Black”, but not this fight.
Sam Jones Rd 2 TKO

He has a member of Hoger MMA training with him. The Machine Gun will make sure Jon Jones is armed and loaded.

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