Thank You Houston!

Yesterday marked the close of our first 3o days of being online, and what a wild and fast paced 30 days it has been.  When we launched the site, we had a belief that the site would do well; we just didn’t think it would do so well so quickly.  When we first met at the Rajun Cajun to talk about our vision for the site, we quickly established that our objective was to provide the Houston MMA community a single resource to go for information and coverage.  We wanted to interview the local fighters because we wanted the fans to be able to get to know them (as fighters and as people), so that when they came out to the fights they would feel more connected with the fighters and have even more of a reason to cheer for them.  We also wanted to do our part to help galvanize the scene and move it forward so that it can get more of the national attention that it deserves.

Our plan was to build the site slowly over the first 3 months, adding bits and pieces as we went.  We felt that growth would be slow, but we anticipated Q1 of 2010 as being a time when we could make a run at some significant traffic numbers.  Our goal for the first 30 days was to have 1000 visits to the site.  We felt that if we could meet that number, it would validate the need for our product and be a good stepping stone to building a broad base of support while allowing us to grow and increase our coverage.   We didn’t just met our goal of 1000 visits, we shattered it.  It took us only 17 days to reach the 1000 visit mark (1081 to be exact), we topped 5100 visits for our first 30 days and at our current pace, we will surpass 9,000 visitors for the month of November alone.

To say that Rich and I have been elated by the overwhelming support we have received over the last 30 days would be an understatement.  We are deeply humbled and extremely thankful to have so much support from the Houston community.  We have met so many people over the last 30 days, from fighters to promoters to managers to coaches to trainers to fans to photographers to media.  With few exceptions, you have all been a pleasure to work with and to try and thank you individually would be a task not easily accomplished, even for a couple of long winded dudes like ourselves.

Here are just a few of the things we’ve brought you in our first 30 days:

  • 5 local and exclusive pro fighter interviews (well almost exclusive, we had 1 used without our written permission…but that’s another story all together!)
  • 4 local and exclusive amateur fighter interviews
  • Exclusive coverage of the ATAMA open super fight.
  • Live results from the ATAMA open.
  • Live results from Young Guns in October (via Twitter)
  • Live results and recaps from Legacy FC in November (via the website and via Twitter)
  • Live results and recaps from Lonestar Beatdown, House of Blues in November (via the website and via Twitter)
  • The creation of a forum focused on the local Houston MMA scene.
  • THE BACK DOOR!!!!!
  • The Diary of a Bad Man blog – one of the best fighter blogs on the Internet.  If you have not read Arron’s blog, please do so when you have a chance.  Arron is an amazing writer (and fighter!) and gives you so much insight into what it’s like to be an MMA fighter.  We feel lucky to have him on board.

As we stated in our “About Us” page, we started this site to give the Houston MMA scene the coverage that it DESERVES.  We know we have a long way to go, but with your support, we hope to be able to continue to provide the scene with a resource that meets and exceed it’s need for coverage, information and interaction.

Thanks again for all your support!

Rich and Barry