Thank You Houston! – UFC 116 Benefit recap and pictures


When we first learned about John Marlborough’s mother we both wanted to try and help anyway we could. We did not anticipate the amazing support we would receive from the Houston MMA community. When this event was planned we had hoped to raise a couple hundred bucks and allow John to be with friends and try to get away from the burden of his mothers situation even if just for a few hours. Houston MMA showed up with wallets and hearts open, ready to help out one of the nicest guys in our community. We were able to raise almost $1650 dollars ($1645 to be exact) for John’s family with the help of the following people who so graciously donated items:

  • Ragan from B3 sports came through in a huge way with autographed pair of 4oz gloves from Brock Lesnar and Shane Carwin as well as a boxing glove autographed by over 20 UFC superstars. These three items alone accounted for almost half of the donation money.  Ragan also managed to score 3 American standup shirts and a Jaco shirt as well.
  • Rob from Big BoySports donated multiple items to the benefit that brought in big dough, including 2 $50 gift cards to Wolfie’s, a $50 gift card to Tailgators, a $200 gift certificate at Kustom Ink Tattoo shop, a gift basket (cd’s, shirt, hat) courtesy of Swisha House records, and Head gear and gloves courtesy of Amber Boxing.
  • Adam Villerreal, host of “In The Cage” on ESPN 97.5 gave away not 1, but 2 co-host spots on his show.  After raffling the first one and hearing people ask for another chance to win, he agreed to a second one via silent auction that brought in an additional $110!
  • Mick from Legacy FC donated two sets of tickets for July 31st Legacy card valued over $300
  • Arturo from Nine Dragons Martial Arts donated some kick ass shirts that everyone wanted for themselves
  • Emmanuel Salon donated a free cut and hair care products
  • Mike Jackson (Windy Sport and Fitness) unselfishly donated 2 sweet UFC shirts from his personal collection
  • Gunner from Big Woodrows hooked up some lucky raffle winners with $150 worth of gift certificates.
  • Alex Black and 4oz Fight Club each donated 2 hour privates – (Both won by Tony Gonzales!)

If we forgot anyone, please accept our sincere apology.

Special thanks and mention needs to be given to Cody Phillips from Bam Bam Martial Arts.  Cody came out and showed he not only has great striking but also a huge heart. Cody bid on and won two of the 3 autographed gloves at auction, spending $490 in the process, not to mention the $45 in raffle tickets he bought.

One of the goals we had in the beginning was to bring the Houston MMA scene together in a positive way that could show everyone that we are more than just fighters. We had no idea we would see so much camaraderie and support from fighter to fighter. The Houston MMA scene has some of the nicest and most respectable people attached to it and that doesn’t even include the fighting superstars we have. The attitude that was shown on Saturday night shows that we can come together as a family and support each other. It also shows others that we are not defined by only what we do in the cage or ring.

Thank you again Houston for allowing us to cover and be around so many good people.

Rich and Barry

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