Strikeforce:Houston – In Depth: Draculino vs Rocky Long


Preview by: Richard Burmaster

This fight puts together a Houston legend and one of the most respected BJJ practitioners in the world. When Rocky Long took his first fight in 2001, there was no such thing as amateurs, and MMA was not even a blip on the cultural landscape. With a 3-12 record since 2007, Rocky is winding down a great career and will always be known as a Houston MMA Legend. Professor Draculino has produced 25 BJJ world championships to go along with his own numerous titles in BJJ. While having a life long commitment to the marital arts, Draculino has only competed in MMA twice and his last fight was in 2005. When compared to Rocky Long’s 45 fights, this may be one of the few times Professor Draculino will not be the more experienced competitor. With the huge disparities in MMA experience, this will be a hard fight to call.  Let’s break this great fight down.

ComingSoon Vinicius Magalhaes Name Rocky Long Rocky_Long
Draculino Nickname Machine Gun
5’7″ Height 5’8″
145 Weight 145
1-1 Record 19-42
Gracie Barra Texas Gym RockyLong MMA
Fabio Mello (L – TKO)

Kleber Gaudino (W – Sub)

Last Three Fights Derrick Krantz (L – Sub)

Clint Godfrey (W – Dec.)

Chris Manuel (W – Dec.)


Neither of these two fighters has shown over their careers an overwhelming power. Rocky has not stopped an opponent by TKO or KO since 2005 and Draculino has only won via submission.


Athletes generally slow down over age thirty-five, but Draculino has always been very quick on the mat. Rocky has always been a very fast striker, but the wear and tear of his career may be catching up to him as he has seen a decline in his speed in recent fights.



Rocky has shown well rounded skills over the years, and he has been able to hang with most of the wrestlers he has faced. Draculino has years of grappling experience at the highest level, and he will surely have some tricks up his sleeves.


Rocky loves to dirty box, and he is very effective against the cage from the clinch. Draculino is a great grappler when he can get his hands on you, and with his Judo background, he is comfortable in the clinch, but his inexperience in the cage might hurt him when pressed against the cage.

check_advantage GROUND:

Rocky has been successful on the ground in the cage with seven submission victories to his credit. Draculino has competed with the best in the world, and he has a laundry list of titles to his name including a 4x Pan American Champion, 2x Brazilian National Champion and a 2x Silver medalist at the World BJJ championships. To say that Draculino has an overwhelming advantage on the ground would be putting it very lightly.


Draculino has always been in great shape, and I see no reason why he would not be for this fight as well. While he has competed in some very high level matches, his experience with cage cardio is still rather limited. Rocky has made a career out of going to decision, with 8 wins and 17 loses by decision, he has went the distance in many fights and knows what it takes to grind out a win.



Rocky Long via TKO



Rocky Long and Professor Draculino have represented MMA and BJJ with the respect and class that you would expect from two legends. It’s not often that you get to see two people with such extensive combat backgrounds square off against each other in the city they both call home.

Draculino will look to get this fight to the ground quickly where he holds his best chance of winning. Rocky will look to either turn this into a kickboxing match, or he will look to clinch and wear out the Professor with dirty boxing.

Draculino is a hard man to ever bet against as he almost always comes out on top, but I think Rocky’s experience will be the deciding factor in this match. Rocky has said this is his final match in Houston, and he will surely look to go out on top.