Strikeforce: Houston – In Depth: Rey Trujillo vs Jose Santibanez


Preview by: Richard Burmaster

TThe best way to avoid having a boring fight is to put together two guys who have never been in boring fights and let them go at it. This matchup features two fighters who love to brawl and both of them have been very successful at it. Add to this mixture the revenge factor for Rey who last month lost to Daniel Pineda who is also Jose’s brother and you have a barnburner ready to ignite.

Rey Tujillo Rey Trujillo Vs Jose Santibanez Jose_Santibanez
155 Weight 155
7-2 Record 9-2
Gym Silverback MMA
Daniel Pineda (L-Sub)

Jesus Rivera (W-Dec)

Lane Yarbrough (W-TKO)

Last Three Fights Lane Yarbrough (W-TKO)

Dustin Phillips (W-Sub)

Johnathan Brooks (L-Sub)


Both of these fighters pack KO power and both have been very successful in these area. Santibaez looks to be a bigger framed fighter and that should help him here.

check_advantage SPEED:

Rey attacks with a speed very few fighters can keep up with. Look for him to use this advantage here with Santibaez as well.


Both fighters train with some very good wrestlers and both fighters have great takedown defense. Jose may have had a longer history of grappling and I look for him to work for a takedown.



Both fighters inflict a lot of damage from the clinch. Rey is very effective at making space in the clinch to land uppercuts and Jose likes to clinch and wear out his opponents with his strength.


Jose is the only fighter with a submission win but he also has two submission losses. Rey has not really had to show his ground game much in  his fights but he was submitted in his last fight.

check_advantage CARDIO:

Both of these fighters have gone the distance numerous times and both are always in great shape. I am not sure if Jose has fought someone who pushes the pace quite like Rey and it will be interesting to see if he can stay with that pace for three rounds.



Rey Trujilo via Decision


This is a very evenly matched fight and has been the toughest for me to pick a winner on. Jose has the ability to stifle the high speed attack of Rey, but putting that gameplan in to place is a lot easier said than done.

Pineda showed the blueprint on how to beat Trujillo in the last fight and there is no doubt that Jose has been working on a similar gameplan. I think the deciding factor in this fight will be if Jose can get Rey down to the ground effectively as his brother did.

Rey has surely worked on his takedown defense since the last fight and has one of the best camps to work on wrestling in his corner. Look for Rey to exploit the speed difference and try to overwhelm Santibaez who has not seen action in over a year.