Strikeforce: Houston – In Depth: Chad Robichaux vs Humberto DeLeon


Preview by: Richard Burmaster

This matchup pits one of Houston’s best up and coming talents, Humberto Deleon, and one of Houston’s best MMA submission artists, Chad Robichaux.  Humberto is on a two fight losing streak, but he is still a dangerous opponent.  Robo has yet to taste defeat in his career, and this Strikeforce card is the perfect place to have two of Houston’s brightest stars meet up. Let’s break this fight down!

Humberto Deleon Humberto DeLeon Name Chad Robichaux Chad_Robichaux
The Kid Nickname Robo
5’4″ Height 5’4″
125 Weight 135
5-3 Record 8-0
Bushi Ban Gym Graci Barra The Woodlands
Jimmy Flick (L – U. Dec.)

Nate Garza (L – S. Dec.)

Bryan Garmon (W – Sub)

Last Three Fights Lewis McKenzie (W – Sub)

Tommy Ford (W – Sub)

RC Stevens (W – Sub)


Robo will have a significant size advantage over Deleon, and he should be able to push Deleon around. Humberto is taking this fight outside of his ideal weight class, but he has almost always been the smaller fighter in his previous fights. Neither fighter has relied on power as a key to victory in the past, and I doubt either will rely on power for this fight either.

check_advantage SPEED:

Robo has shown good hand speed throughout his career. Deleon closes the distance very well and has very quick hands and feet.


Deleon has not shown much wrestling in his previous fights as he prefers to pull guard instead of going for the takedown. Robo has grappled across the world in different tournaments, and he has proven to be very effective with his takedowns in MMA.



Deleon was not very effective in his last two fights when forced to clinch against the cage. Robo usually uses the clinch to set up his take-downs.


Deleon has won the majority of his fights via submission. As an amateur he racked up 17 wins by arm bar on his way to six amateur titles. Robo is a BJJ black belt, and he has won all of his fights via submission.

check_advantage CARDIO:

Robo has won the majority of his fights in less than two minutes, and he has only been out of the first round twice. Deleon is a naturally gifted athlete, and he has been through the rigors of three round war on multiple occasions.


Chad Robichaux via Submission



Deleon is going to have a tough time enforcing his usual game plan in this fight. Deleon has been very successful pulling guard and then working off of his back for the submission. His last two opponents were able to stifle this game plan, and Deleon was not able to control those fights in his normal fashion and thus lost both fights by decision.

This game plan will not work in this fight as Deleon will not have the advantage on the ground against the BJJ black belt Robo. Chad’s size advantage will allow him to decide where this fight takes place, and if the fight does go to the ground, Robo will be comfortable there as well.

Look for Deleon to try and stand with Chad in hopes of getting to the later rounds (where Robo has not been) in hopes of pushing Chad’s cardio to its breaking point. Deleon is the future of Houston MMA, but this match up plays into Robo’s strengths, and Chad will be able to show why he is the #1 P4P fighter in the city.