Strikeforce: Houston – In Depth: Adam Schindler vs Kierre Gooch


Preview by: Richard Burmaster

Barry has said many times that Gooch is the best fighter with a bad record in the area. Gooch is a great all around fighter who is comfortable in all aspects of fighting. Adam Schindler is one of Texas’s best young fighters. Riding a four fight win streak including a victory over Brian Melancon, who just defeated WEC/ Dream vet Todd Moore, Adam is poised to make a big splash on the national scene. Strikeforce may have the fight of the night on the under-card with these two. Let’s break this fight down.

ComingSoon Kierre Gooch Name Adam Schindler
5’8″ Height 5’8″
155 Weight 155
2-5 Record 7-1
Bushi Ban Gym Gracie Barra The Woodlands
Kenny Burke (W – Sub.)

Eric Scallan (L – Dec.)

Raymond Blodgett (L – Sub.)

Last Three Fights Brian Melancon (W – Dec.)

Christopher Golden (W – Sub.)

Davis Fuentes (W – Sub)


Both of these fighters like to overwhelm their opponents with strength. Adam and Gooch are both very big 155lber’s, and each know how to use their size to their advantage.


Gooch showed very good speed against Kenny Burke, and he is usually a step ahead of his opponents. Adam has very quick hands, and the speed of his take-downs is hard to train for.



Gooch has held is own against most of the wrestlers he has faced and done well. Adam is one of the most accomplished wrestlers in our area having one two state titles and an AAU title. Adam has taken all of his opponents down, and he has been able to control them from the top.



Gooch is well versed in the clinch, but he will have a hard time staying off of his back from here if Adam decides to take this fight to the ground. Adam should hold the advantage here as well.


Combine Adam’s wrestling pedigree with his Gracie Barra brown belt and you have a very dangerous combination. Gooch has had problems with opponents who are well versed on the ground in the past. It will be hard for him to survive on the ground, and he will surely look to avoid this area.


Gooch never seems to tire. In all of his fights, he looked just as fresh at the end as he did in the beginning. Adam has that wrestler’s cardio that always keeps him going. Very hard to keep the pace that a wrestler sets.



Adam Schindler via Submission



Two young fighters with a ton of talent between them make this a very exciting fight to watch. While I think Adam is a better overall fighter, Kierre is no slouch, and he will keep Adam working this entire fight.

Gooch has a punchers chance to win this fight, but if Brian Melancon could not KO Schindler, then I think it’s going to be hard for anyone outside of the 170lb division to accomplish that.

Look for Adam and Gooch to come out swinging, and when Adam is ready, he will take this fight to the ground and look to end it.