Sound Off: What Was The Right Answer For The Legacy FC 10 Weight Fiasco?

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Written by: AJ Hoffman (@ajhoffmanjr)

The following piece is purely the opinion of the writer.

As most of you probably know by now, the trend of fighters not making weight continued. This time it was extremely unfortunate for several reasons. The first being that the fighters who missed weight were on the televised card. Another being that the two that missed, DJ Linderman and Eric Davila, are out of town fighters which makes it hard to say that their punishment will just be not to let them fight for Legacy anymore.

Fighters missing weight is nothing new. The controversy in this instance comes from the aftermath. Eric Davila, scheduled to fight former welterweight champion Mike Bronzoulis at 170 lbs., came in a whopping 14 lbs. over the agreed weight. DJ Linderman came in 10 lbs. over the agreed upon 185 lbs. for his fight against UFC veteran Gerald Harris.

So now you are left with two guys in Harris and Bronzoulis, who have done the right thing and made their weight, and two guys in Linderman and Davila, who have not. If the world were perfect, there would be a way to let Bronzoulis and Harris fight, and kick Linderman and Davila to the curb. But they are in different weight classes. So find a replacement opponent for both. Not really possible on 1 day notice. So what is the right answer?

Legacy decided to pair Davila with Harris. This left Linderman and Bronzoulis without opponents. Neither is happy about it, although Linderman can blame no one but himself. He attempted to make a cut he had never made before on too short of a notice. But now you have essentially rewarded Davila for being 15 lbs. overweight by giving him co-main event status against an even more high profile opponent.

I understand that Mick and Legacy have a responsibility to try and fill the card out, and make it the best possible card for their television partner, HDNet. This was a tough call for all involved.

Was this the right choice? Should part of Davila’s purse go to Bronzoulis? What would have been the correct resolution?

Feel free to share your opinions in the comments section below.

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