Sound Off: Medical Professionals


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Author: Buda

Title: Medical Professionals

What’s on their mind:

Here’s the deal. I have been working in the medical field for about 10 years now and I have been in the MMA game in different ways for longer. I have dealt with many of the medical professions you can think of in my time and I have noticed that about 90% of them think the same way about MMA. “Human Cock Fighting.” I have tried my hardest to get them to understand the difference between cock fighting and MMA and it has worked a few times but IMO not enough.

I think medical professionals in our area would be a huge asset to the sport we all love as far as team doctors, event doctors, sponsors, and so on. If I am wrong, then feel free to correct me, but I think “We” as an MMA community, need to figure out a way to get the message out that MMA is just a contact sport just like other contact sports. If anybody has any advice, statistics, or just opinions to offer, let me know so I can get them together and share with the doctors that I work with and maybe, just “maybe” we can get some more medical professionals involved in the game that we are all very passionate about.

Let’s all get together and spread the word about MMA and what a great sport it is. Thanks for listening. Or reading. However you wanna put it.