Sound Off: A Response to Floyd “Money” Mayweather from the Filipino Fight Community

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Author: Mike Calimbas
Title: A Response to Floyd “Money” Mayweather from the Filipino Fight Community
What’s on their mind: “an injustice anywhere is an injustice everywhere.” – Martin Luthe King Jr.

* This is the written transcript from my statement read on-air on Septembet 7th during ESPN Radio’s “In the Cage” with Adam Villarreal. If you missed the show, the podcast should be available shortly exclusively  on as it is every week!

On behalf of Filipino Boxing Fans, Filipino Fight Fans, and the Filipino people all across the world, I have prepared the following response to Floyd “Money” Mayweather regarding his profanity-laced, racial, and homophobic rant against Manny Pacquiao.

I am sure that most of you in the world have heard Floyd Money Mayweather’s October 2nd rant on U-Stream where he says he is on vacation for about a year (in response to a potential bout against Manny Pacquiao, where negotiations have stalled for the third time). He proceeded to call the Filipino figher a little yellow chump and a midget. In between those and many other inflamatory racial and homophobic statements, Mr. Mayweather made fun of Pacquiao’s English speaking abilities and accused him of taking performing enhancing drugs, or “power pellets” as he calls them, a claim of which he has never produced a shred of evidence. ” Once I stomp the midget, I’ll make that mother f—– make me a sushi roll and cook me some rice.”

Now Floyd I’m sure that by now you’ve received most of the backlash from ignorant and often incoherent rant. After all, you’ve already made an attempt to apologize and justified your comments by stating some of the ethnic, racial, and religious backgrounds of those in your entourage. Muslims, Jews, Puerto Ricans, Whites, you mentioned a whole slew of the different people that make up this earth. Yet you failed to mention Manny Pacquiao, Filipinos, Asians, Sushi Eaters, or any of the people you should have apologized to.

An apology without a subject is no apology at all Floyd. the National Federation of Filipino American Associations recognized that and stated their disgust at your remarks and racial slurs. They’ve even called on civic organizations such as the NAACP to denounce your statements as they go against the heart of the advancement of colored people.

But Floyd… seriously now. We don’t care about your apology. We barely even care about rant and can now barely even take you seriously anymore. You accuse Pacquio of refusing to fight you because he is on performance enhancing drugs? Floyd, you’ve demanded Pacquiao take drug tests outside the realm of reasonable requirements for the Nevada State Athletic Commision and every other governing body in the US. All that without a shred of evidence to wrong-doing. Yet Manny agreed to your demands during this round of negotiations, only for you to say you are on vacation. Vacation Floyd? Seriously? A Vacation from those things that most men have hanging in between their legs is more likely, otherwise you would fight him. How can we take you seriously for making fun of somebody’s English when most intelligent English speakers can’t even understand you? And why would you make fun of a man by calling him a midget… when he is taking a fight against a man that looks like a giant next to him in Antonio Margarito, a fighter you have ducked for years in your own division. You won’t even fight someone your own size, figuratively, in Manny Pacquiao, who in all actually is smaller than you in every manner physically but brains and heart.

Floyd, I believe I speak for the entire Filipino community when I say I hope your vacation ends soon so Manny Pacquiao can return you to a permanent one, not just from the ranks of boxing’s undefeated but also from your own over-inflated ego and under-inflated lack of racial tolerance and man-sack. Now Floyd, if you wanted to pick a fight with furious fighting Filipino in your weight class not named Manny Pacquiao, unfortunately, I am too big for you. I probably weigh as much your father and uncle combined.. that’s right, about 215 pounds. But you can feel free to stop by respectable BJJ or MMA gym in the country. There are at last 2-3 Filipino at everyone weighing close to 147 pounds that would love to take you down, roll you up susi-style, and fry you like the female dog chicken you are.


Mike Calimbas